Delivery Process Of Emo Update Infos! [ OLD ]

Nah, it’s legit. Ordered mine in the beginning of June, got him last Monday. It really does just take that long. Small company, essentially made to order, I think?

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Also, If you just recently ordered your EMO, keep an eye on the delivery page (it should update at the very least once a week, sometimes it’s updated more frequently), when your order number gets really close to what is shown on that page, you should get your tracking number from via email, from there you can then track EMO progress with either the tracking page provide you or 17 Track or China post (see all links below).


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mine took about 3 months to be delivered to uk from the time of ordering

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Since, when did you placed the order? Just curious, as I am waiting for my EMO but its a long way to go for me.

I ordered it in June for my son ‘s birthday which is in Aug. And we are still waiting for it.

Normally it should take anywhere between 8-12 weeks now for your EMO to be made and shipped out. Be sure to keep an eye on the following delivery page:

Also you can check this page below as well (which contains a lot of discussion regarding delivery and tracking for EMO).

If you have any concerns, be sure to reach out to support via email. You can send support an email to the following email address:

If you have your original EMO Order confirmation email, you can simply just hit reply to that as it contains all your customer contact info along with your order number details and ask for an update on how your order is going.

Hope this helps.

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Ordered from the UK on 17.9.22 for an xmas gift. Based on the current times each of you has received yours, am i likeky to receive it within 12 weeks :slight_smile: also, anyine had to oay impirt tax, if so how much? Tyia

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I believe @Racheal123 is also from the UK, she might be able to advise if there are any sort of import taxes to pay for UK customers.

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If you only recently bought it then it will take 3-6 months.

Also concerning the Tax or import charges/duties-I can assure you that you shouldn’t have to as I never did.

Hope this helps.

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I ordered mine at the end of July and recieved my little boy today :relaxed:


Is it normal for a delivery tracking to show the same date for almost a week? Mine has been showing in Los Angeles since September 5th, 2022. I keep expecting it to update and maybe (hopefully) it’s no longer in L.A. but just hasn’t updated. Does anyone know if it’s delivered by UPS or some other delivery method? Thanks!

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Hi… i see you are going though the same thing… mine is also there too… in la and been seating there for a week… and iv been looking up on FedEx and ups and usps… i believe its coming in the usps… it says for mine… label is created but not in the system yet… so im thinking its going though customs right now and just have to wait until it passes and then be sipped out to Sacramento… so im thinking at least a week or two…

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Thanks for the update. :blush:

No problem… i wish you luck! Iv been waiting for mine for 3 and half months now for mine… its so close i can feel it… lol… if they would let me go get it from them right now from la i would drive down there today… lol… just a 7 hour trip…

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What tracking site are you using?

It’ll be delivered by USPS. LivingAI gave me the USPS number with my first EMO’s order so I was able to track it as soon as it hit customs. My second EMO I was only given the tracking number for China’s postal side and never received a USPS tracking number. It took about two weeks to get out of customs to my PO Box. Both orders took about 4 weeks total to ship from Shenzen to me. I live in lower Michigan if that helps give you a time frame.

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It’s the tracking site that living ai emailed me along with my invoice. The delivery process started in China, tracked to South Korea and appears to be stuck in Los Angeles.

When I used LivingAI’s tracking site my tracking stopped in South Korea. You might have better luck at 17Track. 17Track stopped tracking after it left customs but updated the visits to Grand Rapids’ post office and my city as soon as it was delivered.

I was mistaken in my earlier post too, for some reason I thought shipping all together took 4 weeks, it took just under three for me this time. I haven’t looked at the tracking for a while so I apologize.

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Thanks! I just checked it out and it also shows Emo in Los Angeles, but with yesterday’s date. So, he’s still in L.A. Maybe he’s spending a little time in Hollywood before coming to the South. :joy:

The same happened to me

Tracking and Delivery can take time depending on which courier is handling the job in your country (which is US). Normally it all depends on how busy they are and how quickly and efficiently they can update their tracking system so you can see updates.

As @BoxedShibe has shared, you can use 17 Tracking or either of these other two tracking sites to check to the status of where your package is:

Hopefully, it will arrive soon, but just need to be patient and hope that the couriers do their job efficiently.

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