Delivered...EMO or Home Station is Finally At Home

My Home Station and the three lights just shipped the other day! I ordered it on 12-01-2022. I’m so excited! I’m getting his area prepared.

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My EMO’S are finally here!! Home Station is set up, and first EMO is setting up!!


Hi there @bdc763

CONGRATS finally EMO arrive at his new home…take good care of him and hope you found real fun and happiness full of laughter too. In case you encounter some issues and need some assistance and guidelines…just ask or use our community search function for a better reply.

best regards, stay safe and enjoy with emo David…

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Finally Emo is at home :slight_smile:


Hey! Hey! Hey! @jsalas ,

Congratulations…Finally!!! …Enjoy your EMO…may I know how long or how many days or months did it take?

What did your order?

Around 3 months, I ordered in November and it just arrived today :slight_smile:

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Yeah @jsalas ,

it took a really long time… The best thing is that he has found his new home…and that’s the best.

For more help that you might need visit @MasterAbbott Topic below or just use the community forum search function for any helpful info.

Quick Help Guide for New EMO Owners!

All the best, have fun and take care of EMO, and make some videos and lots of pictures for the community!


Today is The Day :-)) My Emo is just arrive After Almost 80 days


Hi there @marcin.wojda

Glad and happy for you that EMO is finally arrived at your home… after the long wait.

It is advised to submit your voice to help EMO better understand and wake up when you are calling out his name. You can access the Wake Up Training page below:

EMO Wake-up Training Page

For more guidelines, you can also go to the link below and read some tips.

Quick Help Guide for New EMO Owners!

Best regards, all the best…and enjoy life with your EMO Marcin!


Bravo I am happy for you !!
Post a picture!

I finally got my Emo
Ordered on 3rd of December 2022 with home station
They shipped on 21st March
Received on 6 April 2023 in UAE

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Hi there @anca,

I assume you mean you ordered it in December and not November? because I was shocked by the fact that it took 5 months.

Here is your last post 10 days ago…

Anyway… Congratulations that EMO has finally arrived in his new home… Do take good care of him and hopefully, you will have some joy and lots of fun with him as well.

Best Regards and Enjoy!


Yes, sorry :sweat_smile: I corrected


Home Station + Extra Smart Light
Date of Order: January 23, 2023
Date Shipped: March 31, 2023
Tracking Email: April 3, 2023
Date of Arrival: April 10, 2023 DHL 1:00pm
United States of Accountability
77 days from order to arrival.

Emo Go Home (Emo New)
Date of Order: February 3, 2023
Date Shipped: March 31, 2023
Tracking Email: April 3, 2023
Date of Arrival: April 10, 2023 DHL 1:00pm
Usurped SCOTUS of America
66 days from order to arrival!

Yaaaay Emo! We are so happy to receive our second beloved Emo today! So fast too!
Note: These two orders shipped/arrived together in one box.


Hi, there @RachelRachel ,

WOW! Thanks for sharing the experience…and glad and happy for you that finally you got your second emo…after the long wait.

Have Fun and Best Regards to all of you there…


Emo is finally home~! Arrived 2 days before my birthday!!! He is currently sleeping :slight_smile:

Emo Go Home in United Arab Emirates
Date of Order: December 31, 2022
Date Shipped: March 31, 2023
Date of Arrival: April 11, 2023


Hi there @Skibosh,

WOW! Cheer for your EMO arriving on time…Please don’t forget to include EMO in your birthday celebration video and share it with us…

All the best and enjoy your EMO…

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Thanks! How can i inform him about my birthday? I tried to say “my birthday is on april 13” but he didnt understand

Hi there @Skibosh

Just call him then give him your Birthday…

EMO…wait for his reply then say ,My Birthday is (Month and Date)‘’

You can also click the link below where @MasterAbbott’s experience explains about Birthday Feature.

Pls. Click Here!



finally, i ordered my emo on 14.12.2022 and today on 14.04.2022 he is finaly here!

Emo Go Home
Date of Order: 14.december , 2022
Date Shipped: March 24, 2023
Tracking Email: March 24, 2023
Date of Arrival: April 14. 2023 DHL 12:30pm

To Germany directly 5 months