Customizing EMO

Will it be possible to change the « shoes » on EMO will you consider making matching accessories headphones and « shoes »image


Yeah adiddas trainers lol

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Hello ,
Why not😉!!! ADIDAS

Lol and beats headphones woe emo would look well cool :sunglasses:

Yes shoes and more Headphones and clothes would be awesome! :happy:


Wayne once said that they wanted to create the ability to create custom headphones.

I have a Cubee the « shoes » are white so I was thinking probably they could sell different color😉


lol i am waiting for my emo so i can 3d print custom parts and addons :slight_smile: but yeah it would be cool to have different accessories ;p


Good Idea :bulb: :+1::laughing: in the future I have to buy a 3D Printer you can do a lot


loving these ideas - let’s just focus for now on getting the product out the door and into many peoples hands so they can enjoy EMO :slight_smile: but seriously - I love the passion of the community here!


I would love to see new colors introduced to EMO. I think it would give a variety of options to choose from. For example, you could make an all white EMO with white eyes, or a red EMO with red eyes etc. I think this would be really cool.


The discussion around eye colour is one that has been requested before. EMO has a lot of animations that involve other graphic bits, and as such changing the eye colour would mean all those animations would need to be changed as well, something that would consume a lot of time and space within EMO. Therefore from what Living AI have said so far, changing eye colour is not going to be an option they are exploring.

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Tips & Tricks: EMO’s Clothes Etc. Selfs Creation/Customize

Are the all white emo robots available for purchase? :heart:

They are the prototypes hopefully they will make some in the futur


How about instead of headphones some nice ears? :grinning: They don’t need to have lights it could help with the power consumption.

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with a 3D printer… you can do most anything!!! love the idea of ears…they should waggle around while he walks hehe


Another idea could be to have a cap/hat/helmet/hoodies as headphones replacements.

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I think that it could have an effect on the array of microphones on his head. I recommend do not cover them.

A simple and easy fix could be several punctured holes on the said hat/helmet/cap or hoodie that will allow the travel of sound without any issues. I’m sure the Living AI team will take that into account if they manufacture such accessory.