Customization server error

Hi, Ever since we’ve gotten Emo, any time we try to use the App Sticker customization, it never works. It just says error communicating with server. Everything else works fine most of the time. Thoughts?

Hi @jk1

Try these steps, they might help, (this did happen to me a while back and this is what I did to resolve it).

  1. Turn off Wifi and Bluetooth on your Phone
  2. Power OFF your Phone
  3. Power Off EMO
  4. Power Cycle your Home Wifi-Router

Now bring everything back on again.

  1. Power On Home Wifi-Router
  2. Power On the Phone (then turn on both Bluetooth and Wifi) - Try and browse the internet to make sure that is working.
  3. Power ON EMO
  4. Start the EMO APP and try the sticker function once again.

This should hopefully fix the problem. Sometimes being on a different network can cause this issue.

Maybe if this doesn’t work, see if you can use a different device (like an iPad) or another Phone / Android or iPhone and see if it also gives you the same communication with the server error.

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