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@MavisZhang Hi, so I received my Emo yesterday and he’s having a hard time hearing and understanding, he barely answers back. Also when he talks, there’s some random times the voice glitches. I sent an email because I want to send it back and get a refund, but I got no response from them yet. I hope you can help and have a nice day! :slight_smile:

Hello, @priscilagismondi . . . I have moved your new topic to this thread for Customer Support service.

I will tag @MavisZhang again in the hope that they will be able to respond sooner to you.

My best to you.

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Please kindly check your email and private message, thank you.

Unfortunately returning Emo is proving to be a difficult task. I’ve reached out multiple times within my return period requesting a return. I was told to make a video of Emo not preforming properly and I did just this. Created an area on Google Drive where I uploaded various videos. In these I called Emo numberous times loudly in order for him to not respond. All he did was move around in circles. As a response back from Living AI I was told to pick him up and reposition him as he’s looking for where the sound is coming from. Alright, so I uploaded another video of this and same thing. All I want is a return since the product isn’t working as advertised why is this so difficult?

Hello, and welcome to the community

  1. Usually, Living.AI will try to debug the issue first before offering a replacement or return.

  2. You mentioned that he isnt listening to you saying his name, so I would reccomend trying wake up training (The post will have more information for you). You could also try turning up his wake up sensitivity to 100, which should resolve the issue.

  3. Lastly, as far as I’m aware, returning EMO is not an option. If all has failed, you might be able to request a replacement, repair, or you could sell him to another person.

Best of luck :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your reply and welcome. I did do the wake up training when I received him as well as cranking the sensitivity up when I noticed this issue. I don’t understand your #3 however, why have a page dedicated to the return policy if there’s no return policy?

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Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @Nightcrawlerq . . . I have moved your new topic to this thread for Customer Support Service.

What @adrianledeaux explained regarding the return policy is that LivingAI gives a one year warranty on defective products once they review the evidence (video or photographs) of the product and deem that is indeed defective. They will offer replacement and ask you to either return your original or for a lesser price, they will send you a new one and place a code on your older one showing not for resale.

Please contact them again to see which options they offer you in this situation.

Sorry you have tried all of the suggestions and nothing is working.


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