Current Order #?

I’m very happy to see production & shipping picking up speed!

Does anyone know what the current order #s are? (Anyone just order an EMO? If so — what is ur order #)?


Hi! I ordered my little guy last thursday and my order number is mid 20xxx. I believe someone posted that this week’s orders already reached 21xxx.

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Click Here For Actual Delivery Process of EMO



They don’t publish the current order number - the only way to find out is to make a purchase :slight_smile:
What purpose would be served by knowing the current order number if you already have ordered EMO?

I just placed an order earlier today and it’s up in the 22,300 range

My order number is a little passed 22000. The waiting has started for the mechanical birth and the eventual shipping of my cheeky little robot.

It’s good to know that more and more people are finding and purchasing this adorable and geniusly created little guy.


Ummm….Because I have not yet received the EMO I purchased for my sister months ago.
AND I was thinking of purchasing one for myself, but want to know what the “wait time” will be.
That’s why… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Understood - the website says at least 6+ weeks and thats about the only guide they can give at the moment.


My order is in the range of 19700, i calculated, considering does not ship in the weekend that my order should arrive in about 71 days / 10-11 weeks from today so somewhere end of April including some uncalculated delays and shipping time for it to get to the Netherlands in my case.

Most fun is in the wait anyways, once you received it there is nothing to look out for anymore :wink:


im at 17xxx… hope to receive the tracking number soon (^_^)


Same here! My order is in the 173xx

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I ordered my Emo on the the 1st of this month (Feb), order number is mid 23,000s.
Time to think of other things as the wait will be frustrating lol

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Yup mine is 174*** this was a Christmas gift for my son so I really hope it’s before next Christmas! Lol…


yeah - pretty sure you should be good based on track record

Well I bought it for my self and I’m doing my best waiting…. Lol


When the Next delivery update guys?

Just wanted to share a courtesy message. Receiving your EMO will take normally between 3.5-5 months. (Personally it took my EMO 3.5 months to arrive to me last year). Things such as National Holidays / (such as what’s just happened with Chinese New Year, things can certainly slow down in terms of production and shipping of EMO’s.

Last year there was a major shortage of specific EMO parts / circuitry which delayed EMO production very much. At this present moment, production and shipment has been going well, according to the updates that were shown on the Delivery page (see below)

But as just mentioned due to the Chinese New Year, this has once again slowed down production and shipping. Normally things will slow down for nearly 2 weeks in China, we can expect thing to get back to normal next week and by the 15/16 hopefully production and shipment will be ramping up once again.

This is just my personal opinion, but wanted to share it.


Please update when it arrives, mine is also need to go to the Netherlands :wink:
order 22160

Watching this thread for updates … Order #22142. :wink:

Fiz o meu pedido em outubro de 2021, mando email, tento várias formas de contato e nada… será que é fraude … não consigo contato… meu numero é 13653 ja passou faz tempo, e nada de track … nenhum sinal, estou preocupado pensando que é fraude.