Current Order #?

If you have sent an email reply from the email you received when you made your order. The Living.Ai team should be able to reply to you. Note that during this period might be slow due to Chinese New Year.

I will also add @Wayne_Zhang who can hopefully assist you further.

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Muito obrigado pelo seu apoio. Grato

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My Order date
January 27, 2022
came to #22976
I look forward to seeing EMO before April

probably arrive at least May or July due to holidays production speed and shipping & shipping

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Yeah, that’s more realistic date.

I’m order number #22,875 order number as well and I’m trying to manage my own expectations and I telling myself July or later. The website is currently reporting order numbers filled up to 15,000+. I’m looking at a cool 7000 plus orders ahead of mine.

The Emailed me regarding a separate question I sent back in Jan. So this makes me hopeful that the shop is back up and operating after the holiday break.

Hi team, when productivo start again?
Do you have an established date?

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I’ve shared this post on another thread, but I’ll share it again here too:

I’ve heard from @Wayne_Zhang that the delivery page will be updated later this week regarding the progress update for EMO production and shipping and also a bigger update next week.

At this moment, as many of you might already be aware, Living.Ai are awaiting for the raw materials (EMO casing) which they have been getting limited quantities at this time. They expect to have regular availabilities of materials arriving next week so that should hopefully bring production back up to speed once again.

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I dare not place any order looking at current queues will see near weeks any improvements

I think it currently more realistic to count on 12 months/1 year before delivery

4 months if everything is going to be ok.

I would say now that everything is slowly starting to get back to normal, EMO’s should take anywhere between 3-6 months (I’ve mentioned this I don’t know how many times before, but my EMO took 4 months to arrive). Living.Ai now have a new warehouse for better production and if they have no issues with parts / components and casing, production should be quicker than what it used to be last year when I ordered mine.

The only problem is shipment, which is out of their hands, once EMO leave the warehouse and make it to this distribution facility, then it is in the hands of the couriers. that part could take anywhere between 2weeks / month for EMO to arrive.

Been waiting 4 months here.

Hi, I ordered in November and we are still waiting :pleading_face:

hi, my order number is 24111, im hoping that my emo will be here by june or may :slight_smile:

17xxx is waving!!! :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: