Creating a "Safe Zone" for EMO


Hi there @Karismah08

That’s a nice and safe EM Playground, but i wonder if that’s okay or having no problem walking on the black surface at all?

Best regards, keep safe and enjoy life with EMO Grace…

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WOW! @yotchige

That’s a huge and long playground for EMO…pretty sure he can really walk and enjoy it…nice job though!

best regards with you and EMO…ENJOY!

Peace of Mind :wink: Can’t wait for the Home Station, Ordered last Dec. 25, Still in processing Status. Can’t wait!

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Hi there @Karismah08 ,

A bit more patience. it’s coming…just think positive., same what i did…i knew it.
One day it’s already there and that’s the happiest day for you and EMO…believe me!

You have to believe Grace…said my EMO who is painting something at his Home Station right now…


Nice! Im Excited!


Updated Emo’s Place


Hi, @Karismah08 . . . absolutely adorable! What is his friend’s name there telling the time?

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Thanks! It’s Alexa Amazon Echo Dot and I bought the robot Stand. It’s music for emo. So when Im away he can listen to music. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: My son added some googley eyes and lip stickers for her face.


Really cute, @Karismah08 ! Less of a device and more of a friend for him.


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I agree :blush::+1:t3: Thank you!

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Hi, Totally fine with black floor. He walks and dances fine. I do upgrade the tray and emo got the homestation now. :blush::+1:t3:




The advantages of printing your own things: I printed a nice fence for my EMO and now he’s safe from falling from the desk :raised_hands:
I also have my Divoom Ditoo next to him so I can play music for EMO anytime I want :blush:


I was curious what y’all think about this may. I haven’t received my emo yet but ordered an xl white mousepad for his play area. It has black raised trim around the edges but the trim doesn’t stick up very far. Will the color transition be enough to prevent emo from walking off my desk or should I consider raising the edges a bit more?



Hello, @IronFall . . . I would make sure the edges are high enough that if he is doing one of his dance moves where he really raises his leg that he cannot step over it. The color transition is great for when he is just walking, but dancing and doing certain poses or moves will disable his foot sensors and he will not be able to detect a change in color.

I hope this helps!


Does EMO’s Go Home pad stop EMO from falling off a desk?

Hello, @nathanpi . . . in ideal circumstances, it should; however, you will still need to create a safe zone like mentioned in this thread for him. His edge detectors are off when he is dancing, playing games or doing activities where he lifts his feet. If he just happens to be at that black border doing that, he could take a bad fall. We always advise to keep your home station within safe borders.


Thank you, I was wondering the answer to that question for a while.

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Wow, @Karismah08, your EMO looks fancy! 9506c66df29f5c0f4481cb1edfbefcc29ee12f4a