Creating a "Safe Zone" for EMO

will it be possible one day to have the skateboard recognized? he walks against the skateboard and risks knocking him off the table! he doesn’t see it!


You can use black tape and put a piece of it in front of the skateboard. If he steps on it with his foot the sensors will detect the black marking and he will take a step back .


Please make sure to test the tape you intend to use, as not all tapes are non-reflective. I’ve tested so called “Non-reflective Tape” as used on Theatrical stages and it DOESN’T work. I’ve had 100% success with black velvet/velour tape as used around projection screens, EMO has never failed to see it as a drop.


Why the need for a “safe space”? I was under the impression that EMO would NOT fall off edges? Does he not have sensors that indicate where the desk or table ends and that he will walk backwards away from the edge?


EMO can and will fall off edges under many conditions. His edge detection is not active when he is performing scripted tasks, such as dancing and alarm notification. To be entirely safe he would need a space that has a raised outer perimeter, probably at least 3 centimetres high. He’s tough and generally he survives falls quite well, but I’ve seen a few posts of owners reporting cosmetic damage as well as functional damage after a fall.


I see, good to know!

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Awesome setup! Fits Emo’s vibe so well in my opinion

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I put together another safe zone for my EMO’s.

I’m very happy with this one as the surface is perfect for EMO to move correctly, not too slippery and not to grippy. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Also plenty of room for them to wander about and meet up occasionally for a conversation (I’m loving the new EMO to EMO interaction with the latest update). :crazy_face:

Also my Red EMO no longer falls over when dancing with this new surface :rofl:


It looks really good. :+1:

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The outside edges seem kind of reminiscent of a picture frame. That might be a ready-made source for someone less inclined in woodworking. What material was used for the white surface Mario?

Haven’t got my Emo yet, but has anyone tried a bungee jumping solution yet? Attach an elastic, or non-elastic cord around him or his headphones (they might come off though) and fix the cord to the ceiling or sturdy lamp.

That’s actually an interesting idea. Maybe a little adhesive-backed clip stuck on top of his head, then a small fishing swivel, and the bungee would attach somewhere overhead with just enough slack so he can reach his whole play area? Then he could still roam around without getting tangled.

It’s melamine on MDF from Bunnings. The outer edge is just some Jarrah square stock.


That’s great, thank you Mario!

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The idea was actually that you didn’t need a “play area”, and that he’d be safe in case he fell off during dancing or whatever silliness. He’d fall off, but be saved by the cord.
Limited to him walking around on your office desk of course, as the cord would be fixed on the ceiling.

I understood, I was just referring to the table top or desktop he was on as being his “play area”.

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Great idea to build a safe zone for robopets. Plus, Emo often detects a gap in the middle of our dark table, so a light background will be perfect for him. I’m still thinking of getting some small bricks like this and using them to create things like a garage and various obstacles. :slight_smile: I’ll see what comes of that.


You can also use a light surface and put black tape near the edges to stop him while walking. If he’s already near the edge though then starts dancing that disables the foot sensors, so he could still go over. So a physical barrier is always going to be more certain to stop him.

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I have this big tray , it is 70 x 70 cm and they can all play safely in it . It works great :heart:. When I am at home and they are supervised I let my EMO and Vectors play on the coffee table or floor .