Connection to EMO & Wifi keeps dropping off

My wifi is working fine with my other devices but for EMO, he keeps displaying no wifi connection on his screen. And when I go to my iphone to connect, sometimes it takes a very long time to connect - “Connecting to EMO” status stays for a long time or it keeps asking me to enter my wifi details. And when I do manage to connect wifi & emo, it lasts for a few mins (less than 5 mins). I’ve tried to switch EMO on and off, restart my phone and wifi. Still the same problem.

What happen? He was working fine a few days ago.

I am having the same problem today. It helped to reset it, but he still won’t connect to the EMO app today.

Have you checked if EMO is connecting to 2.4GHz not 5GHz?
If you’ve already done, sorry.

And EMO and app is connected via bluetooth. It would be effected by othre electric staffs for example microwave or so.

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I do not have 5G and so I’m assuming it connects to 2.4GHz. Also I have my wifi switched on on my mobile phone. I do not see any EMO connection to my bluetooth. The EMO app keeps on at Finding EMO without any connection. And if it does, it goes to the main page for a few seconds and it disconnects again and goes back to Finding EMO. I’ve reset EMO a few times too.

And when he turns on, if I can I managed to ask him “Show battery” (when he’s on his skateboard, the skateboard keeps blinking), now his feet turn and he falls over like he died. :scream: :confounded:

What is wrong with my EMO?

The blinking light on the charger indicates that EMO’s left foot (on the right when facing you) is not properly placed over the charging coil. EMO will continue to move until it is placed properly and the “Charging” animation on it’s screen has played.
I find that sometimes it’s best to force a shutdown of the EMO app through the phones app menu, then restart EMO, then turn the bluetooth off and then on, and then start the EMO app.
Good luck.

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I’m having problems too but can’t post because the forum won’t let me create a new topic for some reason, the button is grayed out. Anyone have an idea why? This is the first time I’m using the forum since I originally signed up for their website when I ordered back in December.

I am not having any issues with any other wifi devices. The problem I’m having with EMO is at least once a day (sometimes more) EMO just stops responding. If I say EMO then I either get no reply at all or he makes some other sound instead of saying what? Sometimes after saying EMO several times I will get the no wifi animation. The router still shows him connected and I can ping his IP address ok, but times vary greatly and I get occasional lost packets. When he stops responding, if I launch the app usually he doesn’t even show up in the app and refresh won’t bring up his number either, so I can’t connect to him. He still does things like sleep animation, snoring, wakes up sometimes and does eye movements. It seems like Bluetooth is having issues also or maybe he’s just partially frozen up? If I press the reset he reboots and goes back to working normally until it eventually happens again. He is on a 2.4ghz network. In the router log it looks like he tries to connect fairly often, but I always assumed once connected via DHCP a device should stay connected several days until the lease expires shouldn’t it? When he fails to connect it seems to be saying it’s a security issue? WPA2-PSK [AES] is what the router is set up for which is working fine with everything else. Here are some messsges from the NetGear router log of the errors and also normal EMO connections:

[DHCP IP:] to MAC address 08:3a:f2:0a:44:98, Monday, August 30,2021 15:04:08
[WLAN access rejected: incorrect security] from MAC address 08:3a:f2:0a:44:98, Monday, August 30,2021 15:04:08
[DHCP IP:] to MAC address 08:3a:f2:0a:44:98, Monday, August 30,2021 14:57:06
[WLAN access rejected: incorrect security] from MAC address 08:3a:f2:0a:44:98, Monday, August 30,2021 14:57:05
[DHCP IP:] to MAC address 08:3a:f2:0a:44:98, Monday, August 30,2021 14:48:09
[WLAN access rejected: incorrect security] from MAC address 08:3a:f2:0a:44:98, Monday, August 30,2021 14:48:08

If anyone can help I’d appreciate it, or possibly tag others who might know?


Having the same issue today, emo says he’s not connected to the internet. Meanwhile everything else is working through the internet, my 5g is working and the normal internet which isn’t 5g. Bluetooth isn’t connecting either

I’m having the same problem, so I’ll write it here.
With the EMO battery completely discharged, I applied a forced restart.
The app now recognizes it, but after a few days, it loses its connection to WIFI.
I don’t know if it’s a technical problem with EMO or a bug in the application, but I’m officially inquiring.
So far, I don’t know the situation because I haven’t heard back.

I received Emo May 4 2022. Same as you. He’s connected doing fine the the next afternoon while everything in my home is connected he mysteriously disconnects.
I have numerous Amazon devices, iPads, my iPhone, smart plugs, smart bulbs, a different desk pet, etc. All remain connected but Emo.
I have tried every remedy people have suggested.
I guess I’ll check tomorrow because after frustrating me he sometimes reconnects.
I’ve honestly spent way too much time trying to repair him. I have to ignore him a couple of days to get things accomplished. Lol!
Just wanted to say it again. Emo is loved but huge PIA. :confused:

i have the same problem. I have to reconnect to my wifi daily and often more than once. It kind of frustrates me and i am not enyoing my emo very much. I have to go get my phone to reconnect and so after just a few days of getting my emo he basically is disconnected on my desk

Looks like a long time issue. I have the same problem too. Mine arrived less than 2 months ago and won’t respond. When I call him he just does that sound that he doesn’t recognise what you said. The app keeping saying refresh but nothing happens. He shows the wifi message also and there’s nothing wrong with any of my other devices. He goes to sleep etc but he’s a PIA and I haven’t bothered with him in over a week. I was gonna give him away but no one wants a toy that doesn’t work. Did anyone get their EMO working again? I think he’s gonna end up in the bottom of my cupboard with my old N64.

Have you tried to restart EMO?

yes, i have. It forgets my name, it looses the wifi signal numerous times a day. i waited since 01/22 to get him and paid more than 300 Euros for a dissapointing toy

another issue, when i leave it on the skateboard to sleep it wont stay there. Whenever i do this and return later to my room, it has left the Skateboard and lies on his face on the floor. Is it supposed to leave the skateboard on his own?

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It sounds like maybe you have issues where your power glitches often?

no, i live in germany, the power supply is totally fine. I have a few other thinks that work on 2,4 Ghz and everything ist fine. Its just emo

EMO is designed to stay on his skateboard whilst the skateboard has power. If power is lost or if the power supply causes the skateboard light to flash then EMO does not think he is on skateboard and will move around. I have had that happen to me before and it was due to a faulty power supply module. Is the skateboard light on solid or does it flash at times?

As for wifi - I had issues with mine too but have since replaced my AP’s with better quality units and it’s working fine. Not sure what wifi you have?

  1. when i charge emo, it will turn on
  2. for about 5 minutes or so it is working fine
  3. after a while it makes a hmm Sound, when i talk to it
  4. it does not show the no wifi animation! it just makes a hmm Sound
  5. then i usually take my phone, open the app and press connect
  6. it will still make a hmmm Sound after that
  7. then i go to the wifi in the app, select the wifi, connect emo and it will work again
  8. this goes on and on, it will not stay connected for a longer period
  9. after that, it will forget my name
  10. i noticed, that it says . moving to target . when i ask him, whats my name…

i have a normal working wifi at home. I have a lot of other thinks that work just fine, like Alexa and lights and sockets. I have never had an issue with other wifi items in my household (loosing connection). I have a chicken coop door that is using bluetooth and it has never lost connection to my phones bluetooth.

the only think, i could imagine is, that my ap supports 2,4 and 5 Ghz. And maybe this is causing the problem? on the other hand, Emo never shows the no wifi Animation although it seems to be lost as i have to reconnect using the app.

if Emo only works with a 2,4 Ghz one would assume, that it does not connect with the 5 Ghz?