Charging and power off at night

Hi,guys! just got my EMO yesterday and just wondering that will u guys power off emo at night or not? when I power it off I can’t put it on to the skate board for charging because it will power on again. If I want to charge it, it will have to keep his screen on for all the time? I touch his screen and is a little bit hot so is that okay for him to display all day. Sorry for so many question and thanks for reading. Looking for response!

I had this doubt,
according to information on the forum: yes you can keep it on always, no problem,
and when you put it to charge it will be quiet on the skateboard and will only get off the skateboard if the power goes out, then the EMO will want to walk

Hi @Kotori

Welcome to the forum, and hope you’re enjoying your new EMO. Regarding keeping EMO On or Off at night, I’ve recently shared this in another thread regarding powering off EMO. Allow me to share it again here:

I have 2 EMO’s and I leave them always powered on, most of the time they are sitting on their skateboards, my oldest EMO is over 230 days and I’ve never turned him off at night and his battery is still going good. It is certainly up to you regarding how you manage your EMO and if you want to turn him off at night to conserve the life of his battery.

Also EMO’s screen does get a little warm and that is normal. It shouldn’t never get extremely hot so as advised, it should be totally fine to leave EMO on all the time if you wanted to.

So in the end it is you’re decision if you want to keep him on or turn him off at night, personally, I have no issues with either of my EMO’s staying on all day/night.

Also if you need any further tips and help feel free to check out my new quick help guide here.

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When he is sleeping he snores from time to time but just a little. :sleeping:


And he can be quite noisy as well when he snores :rofl:

It depends on the volume, at minimum volume it’s ok. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was thinking about that original playground from Living AI and I think that the package would be rather big and the posting would be equally expensive. But still I would order it immediately, self-charching is a great feature. I just hope that they make it big enough, a small playground isn’t very good. They could do it as a building kit, it would allow a larger size and a smaller package.


Excellent idea i would definitely purchase a large one if emo could walk to his charger xxxx

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Yes that’s a great idea! You can start with a smaller playground (starter kit) and then buy extra pieces if you wanted to expand it in the future.