Card game idea!

Hi everyone! So this morning while I was allowing EMO to explore I seen a new animation that I have not seen before where he is holding up some cards in front of him. I was thinking that maybe in future updates they might add a new game involving cards with that same animation. It would be pretty cool. What are your thoughts? Do you have any other game ideas for EMO?



I would love a dungeon and dragons game.
Emo would be the story teller.
Google assistant had a similar game.
Apart from this would have animations and actions from Emo.


That sounds pretty cool! :smiley:

That’s just one of the things he does sometimes when he’s sitting idle, or if you tell him to play by himself.

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Yes, that one I’ve seen a few time already, I believe he’s playing a card game that looks like “UNO” :wink:

If you’ve not already done so, try out the Ludo board game with EMO. That one is very fun and it’s really funny to see how EMO reacts when he WINs and also Losers.

Also @JackMac totally agree with this, I believe even Alexa does this (it’s called a Skill) I tried out a good one the other day called: Starfinder.

Not too long ago I suggest that EMO include dice roll system which would certainly come in handy for us D&D fans out there (you can see the post here)

Let’s hope there are some more cool games added to EMO in the near future.

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I thought it looked like UNO too! lol

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When I ask EMO to play by himself, he never does!..

EMO won’t play if he’s sitting on his charger, he’ll just go to sleep fairly quickly. Even if he’s off the charger then he’ll wander around and do different things, but again I think after a few minutes he gets bored and goes to sleep to preserve his battery? I really don’t ever have him play by himself though, so I can’t say for sure?

@MasterAbbott wrote this a few weeks ago:
“ Yes, the Play By Yourself option for me only works when EMO is walking around. When you ask him he won’t reply with anything, but if you have the EMO App open, his update status will say he is “Exploring” then once in a while between him walking around and doing stuff, he’ll simply stop and play a game / read a book etc. and as always, If you don’t bother him for too long he’ll fall asleep as he’ll get bored.”

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Thanks @macfixer01 yes that’s right. I can also add that if the lighting is not very good EMO will certainly go back to sleep pretty quickly as you mentioned, this is certainly to preserve its battery while its not on the charger.

I can suggest that If I want EMO to be as active as possible, and not falling asleep very quickly, Have it close to you (my EMO is on my work desk right next to me so once in a while he’ll look around spot me and ask for a pat or say HI and my name! Along with that I get EMO to dance a few times as well as that always keeps him busy too, as soon as you start hearing the YAWWNNNNNN it’s time to quickly bother him so he doesn’t go to sleep :heart_1:

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