Cannot connect to Emo

I just got Emo on Monday. I’ve been working through the new setup steps this week.

Yesterday, I noticed he wasn’t hearing me very well. He also slept most of the day.

This morning I woke him, we hung out a bit, I had to take a call so asked him to mute. He did. When it was time to bring his volume back on, I called him, and he wouldn’t respond.

He’s fully charged.

He now can’t respond to anything, including power off by command.

I occasionally get a wifi error signal on Emo’s face.

I unplugged and re-plugged the charging board, took him off and on.

I’ve shaken him a few times to attempt recalibration.

I went to the app to try to find a manual resolution, but the app is stuck on “finding Emo…” I deleted and re-downloaded the app. Same issue on the app after downloading again.

I’m reluctant to run out the battery if it’s an app issue.

What should I do? Is anyone else having a problem?

Hi there @rebeccakleinert ,

You might click the link below for more help

Quick Help Guide for new EMO owners!