Cancel Purchased/Pre-Ordered Item ? ( Pls. Post Here! )

Hi there @drdiva , @natster , and @Sarahpmnt ,

Is your inquiries already settled? sowe can close this threa topic already.


I ordered the Home Station with the Christmas pack on November 13, 2022.
As my order did not arrive for Christmas, I requested the cancellation of the Christmas pack. LivingAI did it with no problem. Thanks to them.


Hi there @Olivier,

Well good that you sorted that out and you got your money back.
My order was a normal Home Station only and almost the same day as you ordered which I got it already now…

Order #46083
Date Of Order: November 11, 2022
Shipping Started: January 12, 2023
Delivered In Germany: January 23, 2023, @ 09:15 Hrs. CET
Total Travel Days: 73 Days / 10.5 Weeks

best regards, keep safe, and all the best olivier…

How do i go about canceling my order. Have sent numerous emails that have gone unanswered and quite honestly am over all of it. Just need help getting this order canceled and refunded. Thank you

Hi there @markgarcia
The best thing always to do is contact

For more info please click the link below…

Pls. Click Here!

So if you’ve already done that… @AmyLU will be tagged here to help and give you further assistance.


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I have emailed numerous times for updates and no response. I even emailed them to cancel my order with no response. How do i add the person who mentioned? I am new to this forum

Thank you for your help. Just a little frustrated

Hi @markgarcia ,

I know and I feel you, Mark… already tagged one team person who is responsible for your concern. As soon as they are available in a couple of hours they gonna help you, so please don’t worry too much…

all the best and good luck

Thank you again for your assistance. I really appreciate it

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Hi, @markgarcia

Please private message me your order number, I will check for you.

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@AmyLU please can you explain how is it even possible that some emails remain unanswered for a very long time?
It sometimes looks like the support team is
instructed to ignore all emails until you or Wayne give them order to proceed a specific message.

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Hi, @NendosColl

Sorry we have a huge backlog to deal with due to the massive email inquiries over Christmas and our holidays afterwards. Our team is replying one by one.


Hi LivingAi,
My order is #58427 and can I cancel order and get refund? How long will it take for me to get my refund? I was going to buy a gift for a friend but maybe it won’t be in time for that person to receive the gift so I want to cancel this order. I also sent an email wanting to cancel my order. Hope LivingAI can give me the answer as soon as possible!

Hi there @nguyenthao ,

After your decision is final and you think that nothing can stop you…

One of the best and most recommended things you can do is to simply reply to the confirmation email you received when you placed your original order for EMO. This is because it contains all your details, especially your order number, which is the most important thing. However, as you mentioned, you have already sent them an email, which is a good thing.

Please be advised to give them some time to reply because they normally reply within 24/72 hours depending on the time differences, days, holidays, and current situations.
So Please Be Patient!

The support service team should be able to help you cancel your order immediately if it’s not underway already.

Another way you can also submit your inquiries to the link below and give them your order number.

@AmyLU, Would you be still able to help @nguyenthao ?

All the best…

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Hi, @nguyenthao

We have refunded you and you can check the status of your order.


Thank you very much for your enthusiastic support. I have received the refund email and updated the refund status. I will definitely order the emo on another occasion! Good luck with your work and great results! :heart:

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Hello, I have ordered an emo standard set ( with the skateboard) and a home station before. I am wondering if I can cancel my order for the home station and only have my order of emo standard set proceeding ?

Hi there @Kasa_daily ,

Please click the link below and follow the instructions…

Click Here!

Tagging @AmyLU here for further assistance…

Best regards,