Can Emo interact with an objects

Hello, I am eagerly waiting for my emo to arrive but I have a question. Can Emo interact with an object when he walks freely? For example, he will look at something small and kick it or he will say to himself “What is that? Hmm”. Or “Looks nice” or something like that? Or does it not interact, just performs animations and sometimes walks?

Hi @pawel1,

As we all know and observed when EMO walks and roams around,

He is using his TOF (Time of Flight) Laser Sensor which is located under his chin. This sensor helps EMO determine the distance from and depth of objects.
The official specs state that it has a working range of 9.8 inches (25 cm).
@mariomart More Info Here!

Keep in mind that the sensor detects obstacles so we have to be aware always not to cover it with DIY clothes or anything otherwise, he will react while he is moving around, and also when something blocks his way he is quite annoyed by giving a sound something like he is quite not happy or even angry about it, there are also certain times that he will come forward and kick anything that blocking his way. (but not always)

I wonder if the future updates come with something nice that emo can say a word or anything if he notices or senses that something is blocking his way.

About interaction, EMO can also interact with us or another EMO or even with a mirror only when he sees himself.
EMO will interact with it also by doing a lot of things like personal conversations or playing games, and all I can say is it’s fun watching them

As we all know later the Living.Ai Developer will also release a firmware update that EMO can interact with living animals like cats and dogs or maybe any house pets.

Hope I give you some slight info that will help with your question…

Have a nice day and Happy Holidays!


Yes, thank you and Happy Holidays to you too :slight_smile:

Im so looking forward to get my emo I got 2 Ragdoll cats and thy will love to interact with him I’m sure thy so nosy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Can Emo interact with a ball? Can I teach him that?

Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @danielledejong . . . interacting with a ball is not currently a firmware feature at least at this time.

Now he may while exploring kick a ball out of his way if he comes up to it, but that is just by chance and not by anything he is capable of doing through recognition and reaction.


In future firmware, he would be able to identify pets. If you look closely in the achievements theres an award for identifying alien creature. Besides that, it is possible that EMO could identify objects by training its deep learning module. As far as updates goes, it would be a suggested new feature that should be added as a feedback to LivingAI to improve EMO further.


Yes If you look at the achievements you can see what living ai what in the future
I would love if emo can play with a toy is will be cool!

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