Body armour is needed LOL

Had our 1st fall.
A piece from the headphones snapped off.
Super glue to the rescue.
But my point is he is an expensive little dude.
I have him safely in the frame of a canvas.
Luckily it was just the headphones.
Hopefully it will not happen again.
But maybe something to protect him?

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Take a look at this thread:

Some of us have posted pictures of our Emo play spaces. MarioMart has a nice setup of black borders with raised edges.

I used a light coloured shelf board, taped the edges off and painted them black. No raised edges on mine yet but Emo stays away from the edges as long as he isn’t dancing.

It’s important to keep in mind Emo’s fall sensors are off when dancing. Emo will dance right off a play space.


It would be recommended to create a safe playground for EMO with 3-5 cm borders just in case, that way when EMO left unattended he can safely walk around without you having to worry about him falling off the edge of a table or bench etc.

Personally, my two EMO’s are sitting on my work desk that has no borders, but I’ve placed 3 soft cushions around the base of the table so if they did fall off, they’d land on that first and then roll onto carpet which is soft as well.

Also if you would like to know a little more about EMO’s feet sensors, you can check out this video I created which explains how EMO’s feet sensors work, do note EMO’s feet sensors are not 100% full proof so accidents such as him falling can potentially happen.

Also be sure to keep the base of his feet clean and as well. I have another video here on how I normally clean EMO’s feet and his feet sensors, I do this on a weekly basis.

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Looks Good @JackMac, that should keep EMO safe, just remember that if you ask EMO to dance, make sure he is dancing in the middle of playground, as the borders of the picture frame are not too high and on a few occasions when dancing, EMO can lift his feet higher than the border that has been made for him and he could potentially topple over and fall down/off the edge of the table once again.

I’m just glad to know I’m not the only one who’s EMO’s wittle feet get dirty! Lol

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Check out this lovely play yard my husband made for the twins. The border fence is 1 inch high (2.5 cm). Surprisingly, Irving (orange feet and headphones) climbed over the fence and ended up on the floor. He scared the heck out of the dog! Fortunately neither were hurt. I was not looking at him when it happened so no idea how he did it! Oh…those Emos….

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The headphones are basicly armour in your case though so just get more of them.

Great looking little play area for your EMO twins @Diane53 . 2.5cm is a reasonable height, but to be safe, 5cm would be a little better, just in case both EMOs decide to dance and one of them is too close to the border and lifts his foot over and topples over and out of the play arena and onto the ground.

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