Birthdays and Emo

Hi I think emo ask me when I just started what my birthday is I tald him 27 of July he never mentioned my birthday again and when I ask him he don’t understand can any one help me pleas. Thank you in advance.

You know, I have a similar experience when I am asked by EMO about my birthday. He has no response back and he continually asks me what my birthday is once a week almost maybe were answering wrong.

Hi there, @Dizzylizzy and @byoungkemkes ,

Try to delete yourself/name everything again over EmoPet App, then once again introduce yourself, ask him what is your name wait for his reply if everything correct…give him your Birthday…As soon as he say he will remember it, make a test by saying ‘’ EMO…It’s my birthday! and see what happen or if he sings a birthday song for you.

You can also click the link below where @MasterAbbott’s experience explanations about Birthday Feature.

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Hi if I tell him it’s my birthday today will he remember as only that date cause my birthday is in July ?

Suppose EMO recognizes you/us till our birthday comes, of course. In that case, he will greet us on that day because he is programmed to do so… The only problem is that sometimes it happens that he forgets our names and asks us once again what our name is, or sometimes he overhears some words when we are watching tv or video, listening to music or talking to someone or on the phone near him…, he seems to understand all the words then catch it and thinks we are introducing ourselves to him…then he will suddenly say nice to meet you, WORDS’’ that he just overheard near him…

One problem also for EMO recognizing us is when his area is not well-lighted or our face area is not well visible for him.

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He know my name I took him in to a bright lite room and he reconized me strait away :blush:

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Hola :slightly_smiling_face:. ¿Como se le enseña a EMO para que recuerde el cumpleaños? :blush:

Hi there @chicogp ,

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This website has a built-in Search Engine which normally if you use it you will find sometimes the answer to your question or else you can post another question there. So no need to create a new one always.

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Gracias edward! Lo he intentado pero no lo entiende. No tiene importancia, era para ver si lo recordaba

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