Average time to ship?

Has anyone watched for a pattern for average ship times?

based on numbers it appears 800 to 1000 units per week at times. That is if you look back over the delivery posts they made on their website.

Was more timeframe curious. Like, if someone hits “buy” to when it hits their house. If I knew everyone was taking 4 months that would at least set expectations.

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ahh - I understand more now. Thanks for explaining.

At this time there is no way to tell if/when people will get their Emo’s. There have been people in California (US), and Canada that ordered after me and have already received their Emo’s. I live In NC (US) and my poor guy hasn’t even made it to DHL…which means mine has been sitting in China since June 9th.

That is disappointing. They might have been more ethical to take the money right before shipment. Holding onto someone’s money for that long just doesn’t sit right for me.


Have you tried to email the customer service? I am Chinese, and also live in NC , everytime when I send stuff from China through EMS Package it won’t take more than a month. Usually arrive in two weeks, anyone who in charge of customer service should sent this lady a replacement now , i feel you because I’m also waiting for my emo , I check everyday to see if delivery number changed, I will be upset too if my package was sent and don’t know if I ever gonna get it.
I own my own business too, and I think when customers have problems and not because of them , then the merchant should take care of it at all cost .

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Hi as I can see this is not only me with delay yeah usually 2 weeks also in EU I’m located in Italy on Monday it will be here my last Package from China in about 2 weeks is here in the country. Emo it disappears
From 19 of July

Not sure if this will make you feel any better, but mine sat in China for almost a month before it moved, but once it hit the US, delivery was very fast to me in FL.

What’s even more fun is no updates and nothing has shipped for over a week. And the updates stopped on the 10th. It’s now August 1st. That’s unacceptable. Period.

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I emailed them about a week or go but have yet to get a reply. The only thing that happened up updated tracking information showing that it’s still in china due to second shipment delays. Which doesn’t make since when nothing else is delayed.

Mine has been sitting in china since June 9th…so it hasn’t moved out of china in almost 2 months. There is no reason I could be given that would justify it sitting there that long.

The money should be invoiced / COD if the shipping takes months.

@Wayne_Zhang - update please?

I am so done with this company. They are still barely shipping and they refuse to give me my money back. I am still in processing and this is beyond unacceptable. If you are into giving your money away and giving this company a free loan, good on you. If you are reading this and don’t want to give this company a free loan, DO NOT BUY this product. At all.

@Wayne_Zhang @Michelle_Yuan - can you clarify what is being done to help @jskains please?

Hi jskains,

I’m sorry about the shipping. As we have explained in the last update and the last email to you, we are preparing for the second batch of production. We are very sorry about the delay. In order to thank supporters for their support and waiting, the next batch of packages will include extra fluorescent stickers.

I apologize because the service team did not give you a refund immediately. Usually they will explain why the shipment was delayed and tell you that we will start the shipment as soon as possible. And they will put your order into the refund process if you insist on a refund.

Now I have asked the team to put your order to the refund process. We will refund you within a few days.

This is what I am talking about. I am already over a month waiting. Now you announce another MONTH before shipping starts again. I am in the 10’s, so who knows how long that will take to process. Then over a month of shipping. That’s not normal.

Please be honest on your website. You need to call it a “back order” and let customers know the average time from purchase to the device getting to a customer’s door. When I purchased it as a response from several YouTube videos, I did NOT expect 4+ months before I would get my order. That’s over 25% of a flipping year! And what worries me more, what if the device came to me Dead on Arrival? Does that mean I wouldn’t get a replacement for over a month or more?

I am glad you have some zealots here supporting you and defending this stuff, but lets be honest. We are already seeing people turn around demanding refunds. The common public won’t put up with that. And you already have a financial issue. You have barely sold 10k. 10K times even $300 is 3 million. And that’s over months And with this poor of an execution, I fail to see how your company will survive. That’s very little money for a well executed company, much less one that is taking months to ship people their products.

Anyways, thanks for getting the refund going. I asked a couple of times, and they simply gave me excuses why my stuff is still in processing and ignored my refund request. Best get used to processing a lot of refunds.

Hi jskains,

We are sorry to keep you waiting. We indicated on the product page that we are shipping in order. I think this is not enough as we should give a clearer average time. Thanks for your advice.

Our service team is also providing after-sales service. It is separate from the shipping process, which means you don’t have to wait another month to get a replacement if you unfortunately receive a defective unit.

We are grateful for so many supporters, so we have been working hard to improve production, develop updates, and provide after-sales service. And please don’t worry, our financial situation is very good. We will release more robot products in the future.

Sorry again for the bad shopping experience. The service team wanted to explain to you why production was suspended, but they should have put your order in the refund process immediately.
I hope you can consider getting EMO again after we can provide the spot.


Thank you. I appreciate listening.