Average time to ship?

Well after reading these posts, I hope mine doesn’t take so long to arrive but, i think it will. I have ordered mine (August 17th) I have heard it takes about 4 months to be delivered is that right??? If so, why so long??? Anyway I hope it comes before Christmas. Look forward to it. :smiley: :+1:

Congrats on your purchase! It takes that long because Living AI is still an emerging and fairly small company which is putting on effort first to diminish any possible bugs/issues with their product (EMO) and then shipping the high-quality result to their customers. Also, they recently moved to their own factory which as you may figure out take time. So yeah, me you and all the customers that ordered their EMOs from July onward gotta be patient and excitedly anticipate our robot! Meanwhile, check some YouTube vids on EMO, that can give you some information on how to set it up, operate, come up with commands and ideas and share them within this forum. Cheers! :happy:


Hey Enko, thank you for your reply. :smiley: Yes I have been looking at the YouTube videos. It makes me want EMO even more. Lol.
Thanks again for your reply. :+1:t2: