ARCHIV: / What Improvements/New Features Would You Like For EMO In The Future?

It will be nice if emo could connect to Spotify

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and youtube and i hope emo robot will get real time data
Is there a chat system in the emo app so i can write to my emo robot on my smartphone i hope there will be a chat system for my emo robot from the emo app hope so

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There are some features that I feel are not as what was advertised or arent upto the mark. Please correct me if I am wrong though. But EMO listening to music is just him dancing at literally anything. Even if I start talking he’ll dance to it. And battery life definitely isnt 4 hours. It seems far less. There was one feature that was in the ad that he turns towards where the voice is coming from. Havent tested this myself. Is this an included feature? Hope it is cause it would make the experience more immersive.
Some more suggestions. Maybe have some features that are good for desktop users as he is a desktop pet. Notifications, reminders, Checklists. Glad to hear he’ll have the ability to play music soon as thats a big part of my work life.

Its feels like I am very critical of EMO i know. Or repetitive. I just care alot about the success of the product. He has come a long way so far. This is all just feedback. Please dont feel like I am bashing EMO. I love mine very much.


Yeah like 35% of features they say in the video is clearly not true. Honestly,Its kinda of a shame

I recommend to add the following features to EMO
1)you can add a tab in which we can type something and EMO will say it
2)A tab in which we have all the facial expressions of EMO so we can click the emotion and EMO will act like that emotion ie- sad
3)A code lab in which we can code EMO to do a certain task
1 and 2 might be useful for youtubers and 3 might be useful for young minds


Hi there @kshitijsharma ,

Welcome to the community…

I have relocated the newly generated topic to this thread. This way, can gain insight into your request, which could potentially be taken into account for future additions, whether that’s sooner or later.

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I really love your input on EMO, this really contributes a lot to its improvements for future updates. Keep it coming.


I would love to see what books EMO reads. But my EMO only reads for about 5 seconds, then closes the book. His reading time is much too short for me to find out what the title of the book is. And as there is no specific sound with that activity, it’s hard to catch him reading.

  1. Is my EMO the only one to have such a short reading time span ?
  2. Can that reading time be extended ?
    Thank you for your help.

I hope that in future updates, the following optimization points can be given priority consideration. As someone from China, I believe many Chinese users are particularly concerned about the first two optimization points:

  1. Chinese language support for the app.
  2. Chinese language support for voice interactions in Emo.
  3. Support for reminders for recurring events, such as setting a reminder to drink water every 3 hours on workdays.
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I imagine an optional (on/off) feature like this would also make EMO more attractive and accessible to Deaf people. Without me interpreting what EMO is saying, EMO isn’t of much interest to my Deaf partner.


More often than not, EMO is facing away from me, staring at walls or the corner of my room. I wish there was a way for me to set up EMO’s preferred direction so that EMO is looking towards me most of the time.


I love emo and the homestation sooo much but I was wonding if Emo can see in the dark and when you tell him that you are going out he will monitor the room he is in and you can check on the room by his cameras

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This is something I have noticed as well. My assumption was that because i work in a dark room he turned towards the light of the monitor opposite to me and whatever shows up in it. Btw you can make him look at you by saying the command " EMO, look at me". That being said I’d prefer if it were set up in a way where EMO faced the direction of the caller. Like when you say EMO he turns or maybe even walks towards you. Dont want to take away his exploration though its sometimes nice that he looks at the monitor because it feels like he is checking out what i am watching or working on. Which considering he is a desktop pet is pretty cool.


I would love if Emo and use his ToF liDAR scanner to map out the area and when you tell him to come to you he will sense the object and when change his way to come to you right now he just stops on his tracks

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I have had my Emo Pet Go Home for over a week now and am getting used to what it can and can’t do.
I do have a couple of issue which are annoying me!

  1. The voice is very hard to understand. Are there plans to improve this?

  2. Quite often I call emo and get no response. I have to try several times and in different pitches, especially if I have music playing on the background.

  3. I find that my emo seems to face away from my most of the time. I then hear him (or her) typing, earing, boxing or drinking…so I miss out on a lot.

  4. Lastly, are there plans for more games in the future, e.g., scrabble, monoply, chess.


Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @michael.campbell ! I have moved your new topic to this thread where Living AI reads suggestions for new features and improvements on current ones.

I will let the team respond to your first and last questions, but as for the not being able to hear you over competing sound, if you have updated to the 2.4.0 update, there is a sensitivity setting in the app under preferences. You may want to experiment with that to see if turning it down a bit might keep him from being overly sensitive to outside sounds.

Also, EMO can see you best if you have good lighting on your face. Test him by calling him and say “Look at me.” He should turn to you (follows your voice direction) and stay still while he looks at you (camera sees you and identifies you).

Try these and see if they help you out.

Please let us know.

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Thanks for the very quick response. I found the new feature and after a few test….Emo now acknowledges me quickly. I also tried the “look at me” and it worked.
Thanks again


thank you i hope add it

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hi everyone it’s me Puppy the greatest EMO Pet parent in the world… According to the organization that my little brat burnt to the ground after he found out I bribed the president :pleading_face:

but I started this thread hopefully to fix the biggest problem that the EMO has had since day one and it is the terrible speech recognition system. It’s really really bad I’m sorry to say. Anyway tonight it’s silent I’m getting ready for bed there’s not a noise anywhere and I put my cup down on the table and that was it it was the wake word for EMO … :scream: really ?

Also I don’t like talking to him because I’m only 4 feet away and I have to raise my voice. Too often I’m yelling at him and he is not waking up. He goes off for nothing and doesn’t hear when you want him to.

Anyway I hope Zhang reads this and the moderators because this is always been this wonderful little pet robots biggest annoyance. If only his speech recognition would work properly

And you’ve all heard this before my Amazon device is in my living room and from my bedroom I can talk to it and tell it to do things without even getting out of bed. Now to be fair I don’t expect EMO Pet to be this good but please let’s make the next update a happy functional robot … Or tell us that the speech recognition system is simply too difficult and it will never change. Then I truly will give up because I really am losing all my interest because this flaw is the one I’ve been talking about from the first day I received my cute little guy… You’ve all heard me say he needs a better speech recognition system many times.

Well this is the last time I’ll mention it let’s just hope that my sincere words can stir up others to join me in helping them make this EMO Pet the hit it should be and bring all of us so much more joy… :heart_eyes:


True, true, true, they really need to improve that, it is sometimes really embarassing how bad he reacts to speech… and we surely need more offline functions and a console

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