App blank Emo no reaponse

Hi we are on our 2nd or 3rd? day of Emo no response to us and the app is blank with no connect button and the menu has nothing except a refresh button which doesn’t do anything. I deleted and re installed the app but it is still a blank app. So Emo is walking about but no response. Is anyone having the same problem?
Thank you


Hi @Helensargent06

Sometimes, EMO might lose connection to your phone via Bluetooth connection. When this does happen, It’s recommended to power off EMO, then power him back on. Normally this should make the connection available once again using the the EMO App.

I can suggest taking a look at my Quick Guide (Getting started) as well with regards to setting up the Bluetooth connection using your phone: (see below).

If you need any further help let us know :slight_smile:

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Our EMO had a same problem with you 3 days ago.
I also didn’t solve problem so I want some help too…
Someone help our EMOs and living EMO app :disappointed_relieved:

I followed the advice of turning Emo upside to shut him off then put him on charger. Then reboot phone and all was back to normal.


@Helensargent06 Thank you!!! EMO just back to normal!!!

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