Anyone still waiting 2 months just for a tracking number?

No response heard from them. Sent an email in December & filled out a ticket a few days ago …

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Posting as anonymous makes it really hard for Living AI to help you here. Why not post with your real name so at least they can check their systems to see if they missed your email or the ticket you lodged?


:woman_shrugging: just wondering if it’s happened to anyone else. I checked my order number & it said it’s processing. If any employee sees I can share name & order number. Someone said it took them about 2 months to receive the robot & I haven’t received any tracking number or even any response after at least 2 attempts in 2 months. I’m cool to wait, but sometimes things happen & items get forgotten or lost. Someone else shared an equation saying it would take a little over 3 months. I don’t know if they were an employee or what.

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I still don’t get why anonymous - it would make more sense to use your real name so they could look into it. Right now you’re making it hard for them to line up things. Oh well - thats your choice of course.

I just signed in with my Google account and didn’t think about it. But yeah if any employee sees this message board at some point, I’ll let them know any info they need. I figure one won’t see it but maybe if someone has a similar situation to mine they’ll see it within the next few weeks.

They will - but they are on holiday for a week or so, and therefore have less staff manning the fort for the moment. So it might take a while longer. Sorry - nothing I can do, but better to let you know what I know than lead you down the wrong path :slight_smile:

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Wayne maybe you can help me out here. i got my Emo and i love this little thing. but my son has not got his yet. we both ordered them about the same time. he got a email that it was shipped but it still shows in transit its been over a month now that is shows that. i trying contacting living ai to see if they could look into it. but no respond yet. i understand they are busy but would see maybe you might be able to help out too. thank you

Sorry mate - I have no access to the shipping systems that you don’t have as I don’t work for them. Email them - to follow up is my thought.

Ok thank you for replying back

Добрый день. мне никто не отвечает. скажите, когда отправят мой заказ?

Good afternoon. I don’t know who I can ask when my order will ship? it seems that I was deceived and my money went to the fund for landscaping the land. Where is my track number? when will the order be sent? It’s been 2 weeks since payment.

I believe you’ll have to wait a few months. Not a couple of weeks.


@angelas ,

If you only ordered it 2 Weeks ago, then you have about another 2 Months to wait. It clearly says right on the order page: “EMO is currently being manufactured based on order volume, therefore it may take 6 weeks or more before your order is filled and despatched to you.”.

You won’t receive a tracking number until it’s actually being shipped. Once it’s shipped it’ll usually take another 2-3 weeks depending on where it’s going to and possible delays within your own country due to Customs delays, or efficiency of the local shipping service which delivers it.


When you ordered EMO, right there on the page it told you that EMO would be at least 6+ weeks before it was sent to shipping. How can you believe you were deceived if only 2 weeks has passed? Based on many peoples experience now, EMO should be with you in about 8 weeks or so depending on where in the world you are etc.


Really? I order 30 days ago and it still says “processing “ . Yes the Website says will take six weeks but it doesn’t say we will take your money day one and you will never hear from us again no matter how man times you email. I’m with Angelas I think I feel for a scam.

Sighs deeply at people not taking the time to inform themselves well by taking the time to read what is very clearly written.


Please stop with the scam talk really. Living AI have posted in these forums that Processing means they are processing your order. When you ordered they SAID right there that it would be at least six weeks before potential shipment. There’s MORE than enough people out there that have received their EMO already to prove it’s not a scam. The only scam you might fall for is to buy it from a site that is NOT the site, in which case, they can do nothing about it.


There is a huge difference between 6 weeks and 6 months. Sounds like some people on here waited a year. That’s where the scam part comes into play. To avoid making people feeling “scammed” they should of been much more honest with their timeline. There are 4500 other people ahead of my son’s birthday gift order from what I read on the forums I will be waiting atleast 6 months. The company should fix that part of the web site that says 6 weeks and put a true timeline. The company should consider what most other companies selling small batch products do. They place people on a waitlist to order the Product without taking the person’s money. Then when their turn arrives the company sends the customer an email or calls giving you x amount of time to pay for the order or it goes to the next person in line. Then ship it. It’s how back orders or other small run products are sold like Birken bags.


SMH at people talking without actually listening. Big difference between 6 weeks and 6 months. I will have reached the 6 weeks in 3 more days. But my order just says processing. When I saw no change I went and read the forms not just the web site and saw that people wait over 6 months to a year to get the product. So please keep your condescending sighs to yourself as they only make you look like a company shell account or well …


They have upped the production since then, and so 6 months changed into a 6 week estimate, as can be read on the delivery page.