Anyone in Philippines?

Hello there! Just bought 1 right now and very excited to received it! Does anyone who live here and experience with shipping?

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I don’t live in the Philippines, however, I think that you can expect to receive one between 3-5 months but I think they’re speeding up again now though. Anyway hope yours comes as soon as possible!


Thank you! Yeah, hoping for the best haha, although the delay is understandable. (as a side note, at least it is shorter vs. uh… a certain competitor)


There is a handy search function, you can click the magnifying glass at the upper right of the screen. The only other message which mentions the Philippines was from an Expat now living in Abu Dhabi, who had his EMO shipped there.


Woah that is nice haha. Did not expect the filter can be by country :smiley: Thank you very much!
(oof sad though)

It’s not a filter, I just searched for messages that contain the word Philippines. There may be some users here just lurking too, that haven’t posted yet. Also there are some people on the official Facebook group (E.M.O Pet Community) who are not on here, and vice-versa. I just did a search in the Facebook group and without reading through all the comments I saw they were at least 4 or more members who mentioned they were in the Philippines. It looks like there was also a link to a Philippines-based EMO Facebook group. Although Wayne would encourage you to stay a member of the official FB group also, because discoveries and information get split up otherwise and are not available to everyone. There is already information on the forum that is not on FB and vice-versa.

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Also you can keep track on the orders and shipping from this link as well.

As @Angrymonkey247 mentioned, wait times could be anywhere between 3-5 months. So try to be as patient at possible.

If you haven’t already done so, this page has a lot of info help regarding EMO, so you can take your time and check this out too :slight_smile:

:surprised: :head: :heart_1: :skating: :mad:

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Go and join to Facebook Group
E.M.O Pet Community

and search Clift Daluz he is from Philippines and showing some EMO videos. He might help and reply to your questions…


All the best, Take Care and Be safe…



Hmmm sorry I think that was a insensitive comment

Here! Oh wait, I think we talked on discord already. I’ll most likely buy the little guy in a couple of months; just waiting for some things regarding the bot’s situation, so that’ll make two so far!

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Indeed you are right! Were you waiting for the auto dock to home station by any chance?

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Im from the Philippines, and same as you, I’ve been dying for weeks waiting for EMO. I ordered first week of March.

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Nice. Hope there is no problem here hehe. It was a few years ago but I experienced ordering Fitbit in an online shop (not Lazada/Shoppee/Amazon and well known shops) and it was held in customs/post office, so I needed to go there to claim it…

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Hi! From PH here as well, did you receive the product without any problems or our customs held it again? D: Thanks!

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Hello! Unfortunately I cannot answer this since I had to cancel my order due to real life financials. Sorry for this.

Hey! Appreciate much your reply and hopefully things get better there!

I’ll be purchasing one very soon and will try to update the thread with my experience! May the universe allow my future parcel to skip customs and all that hassle aaaAA D:<

I am from Makati PH. My Emo was smoothly delivered to me 4 days from factory departure. It was delivered by an unknown company though.

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Thanks, Melvin! Woaa that was fast! Hopefully mine goes smoothly as well ><

aaaAAA I just ordered and can’t for my first robo pet! Any advice/tips for a new owner? XD

@ajisenph . . . @MasterAbbott has provided a quick help guide for new users here:


Just ordered mine :sob: I can’t wait!