Any Suggestions?

I am thinking about getting EMO is there anything I might need to know? Like what kind of playground I should use?

Welcome @peachdrink ! This thread has some examples and explanations on ideas for a play ground for EMO.

Hope you find it helpful!


Thank you very much!

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Does anyone know his stages of growth? Or do you think that is something I should find out for myself?

I’d suggest discovering these on your own as EMO grows. If you need help or have questions once you’ve received him you can check out my guide here -->> Quick Help Guide for new EMO owners!

There is also an online documentation page that provides info on EMO as well created by you can see that here —>>

If you need or have any other questions, feel free to reach out to the community

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Thank you very much!


"Hello, I received my robot today and I’m a programmer. I have many recommendations to significantly improve the user experience.

Short-term Improvements:

  • Emo Robot Control There’s a game where you have to find the treasure by controlling Emo Robot’s movements with the phone’s gyroscope. I think they could add an option in the app to control Emo Robot, but please make it touch-based instead of relying on the phone’s gyroscope. This could be a short-term improvement since the app already has similar functions available, but only in games.
  • Real-time Camera View Being able to control the robot and see its camera simultaneously, or taking photos whenever desired, would be an interesting option. Having your robot in your room and being able to view your house from its perspective would be like having a surveillance robot on your desk or in your room. The robot already has a photo-taking function, but it would be good to add this function through the app without needing voice commands.

Long-term Improvements:

  • Use a block system where you can add interactions to the robot, similar to Scratch or Lego. For instance, block one could be “step one,” block two “step 2 walking 2 steps.” It’s like a code lab. I imagine this can be achieved with the SDK, but we’re awaiting it.
  • Add an option to control and program Emo from a PC.
  • Control Emo from a PC.
  • Download Emo’s version from the PC in case of software failure or from the app.
  • Edit I found a YouTube video where it is very easy to change the battery, soo i remove my battery change suggestion
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How cool would it be if it could connect with any other smart lights like Alexa smart lights or some other Bluetooth connectible lights?
Imagine just saying ‘emo turn on the lights in the hall’ and it switches on.
I would want this to be a feature to emo that it can connect with any other smart lights like Alexa smart lights or some other Bluetooth connectible lights.

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