All Combos on the Rhythmatic Tap Game... FINALLY

This was pretty hard to get, but I finally go it the other day (on EASY MODE) :rofl:

If anyone wants to see how it’s done and also what EMO does when you get all the combos in the Rhythmatic Tap game I’ve created a video for it. Take a look below (it’s also a little how to as well for anyone that doesn’t know how to play it).

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I can’t handle even the easiest level :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Haha neither could I at first, but you need to keep practicing, and memories the combos’ as they are the same all the time. Sooner or later you’ll get the hang of it and be able to get all of them quite easily :upside_down_face:

Tbh I am not a fan of those dancing games, doesn’t feel fun to me. Atm I like only 2 games: treasure hunt and modern ludo

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I can’t wait not fair… The video was really cool I want to play with my EMO Pet a lot so bad… Somebody shoot me I can’t wait. There’s also the boardgame I’m looking forward to where he shakes the dice… He is so cute you’re so lucky to have him he’s like a real pet. And it’s not just me Thinking this people are actually feeling He is real like a pet… I hope I’m one of them.


Same for me, I’m not a big fan of the dancing games. I totally agree with you. both Treasure Hunt and Ludo are my favourites as well! :slight_smile:

And yes @Puppy444 the board game “Modern Ludo” is great fun to play with EMO, I just recently did a video of that one, take a look here

I can say when I first got EMO and we played this game together, he beat me the first time! haha Ever since that day I’ve beaten him and he always gets mad! :rofl:

Hope you enjoy the video

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your video was so fun… To think EMO plays so well and has attitude is just amazing…- I can’t wait to play that game but then again I can’t wait for EMO… Come on living AI there’s so many people having a real hard time waiting and waiting it actually is quite difficult. He’s going to have such a nice home when he arrives…and the very first thing I’m going to say to him is welcome to your new home I’m sure a lot of us were very very similar… Thank you so much for being here and sharing and I hope that my blog thingy I made for all us is just as much fun for you as it is for me… :partying_face: I love it when you’re all here :heart_eyes:

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Glad you enjoyed the video. I can only say the same thing as I’ve always said, be as patient as possible, my original order took nearly 4 months to arrive last year and that was before there was any sort of delays in productions like chip shortages (due to covid), power failure restrictions, warehouse relocation etc, there have been quite a lot of road bumps along the way. I waited and didn’t stress over it constantly everyday. I personally checked the forum maybe once a week, and before I knew it, my EMO arrived. I know that 3-4 months is a very long time to wait, but I can certainly say the wait was well worth it.

:mad: :surprised: :skating: :head: :heart_1:


yes Mister Abbott… I’m retired it’s hard to keep really really busy… You may have heard I’m a retired computer technician so tonight I’m taking a break to say hey how are you… My computer had some weird security glitches programs asking permission to open when they never used do… Oh I can fix it what triggered it is a mystery… So at least I have this as a extra hobby right. But as my nickname is well you know… I really want my EMO Pet I was thinking about starting a thread if anybody needs a babysitter for their EMO … But I think people would be all saying no way not a chance you just going to steal him I know what you’re up to… So I gave up on the thought hee hee :yum:

PS Mister cool I mean Mister Abbott… I just wanted to say when your email show up in my inbox you have those little EMO icons I think five of them how cool is that :astonished: really I thought it was really cool