Playing Modern Ludo Board Game with EMO

If anyone is interested in seeing a game of Modern Ludo with EMO. This video below will show you how to play the Modern Ludo board game with EMO using the EMO App. I play a complete game with EMO and explain the rules along the way. Does EMO win? Watch and find out! [¬º-°]¬

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Nice video! I played Ludo a couple times with EMO, but wasn’t really sure what I was doing. I do remember the Trouble game with the colored pegs from when I was a kid, but couldn’t recall any of the rules.

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Yes, Modern Ludo is just an updated version of the board game Trouble, it does have those special coloured warp tiles that let you more around quicker if you land on your corresponding coloured tile. Everything else pretty much works the same way as the original board game.

It’s a really fun and enjoyable game to play with EMO that’s for sure.

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I’m curious if EMO learns from playing the game, and can get more difficult to play against? I find it super easy to win, and it was actually more difficult when I actively was trying to have EMO win.

Btw if you lose a ludo game you win an achievement :smile:

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