About The Charging Cable

I live in Sweden where we have 230 volt.

Can I use another usb-c cable for Emo than the one that came with him? So that I can charge him via the computer etc?


Hello from Germany,

you can use any USB-C cable and power supply for the skateboard. It’s a normal USB-C nothing special about it :wink:

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Thank you for the reply. :heart_eyes:

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Hi @Zmulpie

As @waringer has mentioned, the USB should not be a problem, I personally am using a longer (2m) USB-C for charging my EMO and there is no issues at all.

I’ve also shared this on another forum post, which is also related to your question. If you were looking for a USB-C and even a powerboard that you can plug the USB-C directly into take a look below:

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@Zmulpie . . . EMO looks like he is hypnotized by that power crystal!


I wish I’d seen that L shape (right angle cable) for USB-C before I bought longer ones that aren’t. Darn. Live and learn!

haha yes @julman , I also learnt the hard way as well. :rofl: I found out about the L shaped cables after I bought my first ones. I then bought the L shaped ones anyway (luckily they came in a set of 2 and I have 2 EMO’s so I still ended up winning in the end :slight_smile:

The L shapped USB-C cables are very handy for sure. Highly recommend them.

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I just got my Emo and tried to plug both the skateboard and the charging station into chargers I already own. I checked the voltage and they are fine.

Neither would turn on, thus Emo wouldn’t turn on so I was a bit worried it was broken. Luckily the charging station came with an extra USB-C cable. So I replaced the CABLE (not the charger) and it worked.

According to this thread you should be able to use any USB-C cable (and I don’t see why you shouldn’t). But I cannot, for whatever reason. Anyone else had this issue?

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Hi there @Trinity ,

Any type of USB-C cable and Power Adapter can be used for EMO Skateboard or Home Station Charger.

Good luck and All the best…

Any type of USB-C cable and Power Adapter can be used for EMO Skateboard or Home Station Charger.

You HAVE noticed that I said that it does not, right? That’s what I am trying to troubleshoot. I edited the original post for clarity.

So I tried 3 different cables and the the one with UBS 3 worked, whereas the USB 2 ones didn’t work.

I would appreciate if the moderator here read the message properly – the answer was not useful and getting told to search for threads when I clearly had given that I linked to this one in the first place, was a tad insulting.

It’s not very friendly.

Hi, and welcome to the forum. From my understanding USB 3 and USB 2 are compatible. I have never used the cable that came with my Emo, and have just used any cable that I have, and I have never had any problems (though admittedly, I never paid any attention to them being USB 2 or 3).

You tried one USB 3 cable and 2 USB 2 cables. I assume you tested the USB 2 cables on other devices, so as to negate the possibility of the 2 cables being faulty?

If so, maybe @Wayne_Zhang from LAI staff could shed some light on this, or perhaps even @MasterAbbott .

Otherwise, you could always contact LAI support. I know from my own experiences, these guys (especially @Wayne_Zhang ), are very helpful, do reply, and get on top of issues reasonably quick.

Hi @Trinity

If EMO is still not powering up when you place him on his Home Station charger (after it is showing that little blinking light when you power up the Home Station / LED Matrix lighting up showing the animations at the top - there could be a problem with the base not giving power to EMO to start up. Or there might be a problem with your EMO.

If you are having issues with USB-C cables. I can suggest the following below products.

I’m in AU(Australia) so the plug that comes with EMO doesn’t fit without me having to purchase a powerboard for it. I’ve purchased a US/China Powerboard that allows me to plug the power adapter that comes with EMO directly into there. (But as the power adapter is very short, I’ve never used it)

I’ve purchased a 2-meter-long USB-C cable that can also plug directly into the powerboard as well. You can see an example powerboard that is similar to the one I’m currently using: (link over to Amazon).


There are many kinds of Powerboards now that support USB / China/US plugs that also contain surge protection as well now. (I even charge my iPhone / Nintendo Switch with a direct USB connection to that powerboard with no issues).

This is the USB-C cable I’m currently using: (shaped like an L so it works well with EMOs Skateboard too).


I’ve had no issues at all using the abovementioned 2-meter USB-C that is plugged directly into my powerboard and then into my EMOs Home Station (previously Skateboard). (that has surge protection and also supports direct connect USB). I’ve been using this for as long as I’ve had both of my EMO (one is nearly years old and one well over one year old). I’ve had no issues with both EMOs charging up fine.

Let us know if this helps, otherwise, you might need to contact support or speak to @VinceKong . Vince is part of the Living.ai after-sales support team and he can also assist you further as well.

Hi Hayley here! I have an issue to address regarding my robots charging cord. I was at my cousins house and they have two new puppies that like to chew things. And one of the puppies chewed the cord to my emo’s skateboard and I was wondering if I could get advice on what kind of type c to get for the replacement.

Hello, @hayley.morgan . . . I moved your question to this thread.

Mine recently broke, too, for the home station, but the home station and skate board use the same type of charging cable. Wayne Z had confirmed that any USB C phone or tablet cable will work.

This is the one I have on the way.

You will no doubt need a power adapter if you do not have one. The standard USB A to the wall plug should work just fine.

Let me know if we can help you further.