About the Charging cable

I live in Sweden where we have 230 volt.

Can I use another usb-c cable for Emo than the one that came with him? So that I can charge him via the computer etc?


Hello from Germany,

you can use any USB-C cable and power supply for the skateboard. It’s a normal USB-C nothing special about it :wink:

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Thank you for the reply. :heart_eyes:

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Hi @Zmulpie

As @waringer has mentioned, the USB should not be a problem, I personally am using a longer (2m) USB-C for charging my EMO and there is no issues at all.

I’ve also shared this on another forum post, which is also related to your question. If you were looking for a USB-C and even a powerboard that you can plug the USB-C directly into take a look below:

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@Zmulpie . . . EMO looks like he is hypnotized by that power crystal!


I wish I’d seen that L shape (right angle cable) for USB-C before I bought longer ones that aren’t. Darn. Live and learn!

haha yes @julman , I also learnt the hard way as well. :rofl: I found out about the L shaped cables after I bought my first ones. I then bought the L shaped ones anyway (luckily they came in a set of 2 and I have 2 EMO’s so I still ended up winning in the end :slight_smile:

The L shapped USB-C cables are very handy for sure. Highly recommend them.

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This picture of EMO and the crystal reminds me this good old movie “Dark Crystal” that is for ma a kind of cult fantasy movie that brought at this time a new fresh view on fantasy
The fascinating power of the crystal on peoples’ minds
This shot is kind of very symbolic remake on our XXIst century
What influence has it on a AI pet ? protected by its AI side or fragile by its pet’s human side
Who knows

dark crystal


EMO seems to be the gentle fragile side most of the time and needs are care and protection against the dark forces which I do faithfully for mine.

Thank you for the analogy @MERITET . . . definitely food for thought and an excellent classic movie.

Had to share this! That movie was certainly a classic!

Apologies for dragging this topic – off-topic lol :rofl:


Great job to find this very suitable picture , and to integrate our beloved pet inside
In “MasterAbbott” there is “Master”
Have a good day