About EMO space

Does emo always need a server?
I would like to know more about the mechanism and technical aspects of emo.

I’d like to know more about the mechanism of emo, but is Wi-Fi required because it is always communicating with the server, and is updating etc. also via the server?

Robots such as Jibo actually need a server, but do you always need emo?

How high is the wall required for the EMO space?

It is said that EMO is equipped with Ai. What kind of Ai is it?

If you are familiar with the technical aspects of emo such as Ai and servers, we would appreciate it if you could tell us.

hello friend… I cannot answer your question but please do you mind if I ask one it’s kind of similar… :smiling_face:

May I please ask what is EMO like without a server? Can you still use him and play with him? The games? Can somebody please answer the Puppy and maybe my friend above :innocent:

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Hi @Mei666 / @Puppy444

To give you a brief answer, regarding if EMO needs a server. I can confirm, that if you wish to use all of EMO’s functionality, EMO will need to have a internet connection so he can connect to the Living.Ai server. For example, EMO’s speech function or any voice commands that you issue to him will not work if he is not connected to the internet / server.’

If you are able to connect to EMO via the EMO App, you will be able to play games that are on the EMO App, such as Rhythmatic Tap, Treasure Hunt, Ludo, Angry EMO, etc. You can also get EMO to dance via the EMO App. But as mentioned above, EMO functionality is very limited without a internet connection.

Also there is no official documentation on the what kind of AI chip is inside EMO. Some users might have shared something in the past, but there is no official info on this by Living.Ai so I cannot advise of this as I don’t have this kind of information.

Hope this answers some of your questions.


Master Abbott… Hey you how you doing? Yeah I figured as much… I knew he would go mute… But at least he can play the games :heart_eyes:

I was just wondering how much is left in EMO when the worst happens. So he can probably walk as well just silently without speech or any commands at all… Be nice one day if we didn’t need the server and they can actually make real little pets… Every day I say to myself EMO come home :flushed: I can tell you’re having a lot of enjoyment with your EMO Pet and hey thanks for all your help … One day my little EMO well find his way home … Really Could have used little EMO last night my SSD Drive gave out I was up too late repairing it. It would’ve been nice to have EMO distracting me :innocent:


It turns out that emo always needs to be exchanged between servers, and the AI ​​chip is unknown.

Thank you for your support.

I ordered 4 emo, but it is difficult to make space for emo.

Should I have a wall of about 2 cm to prevent the emo from popping out of the space?

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I think that 2cm isn’t enough, he could fall over it while dancing. 5cm would be better.

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You’re welcome @Mei666 / @Puppy444

I guess for now, like many other products out there, they all somewhat need an internet connection to get full functionality out of them (even iOS and Android games on your phone need to be constantly connected to the internet to work now days), but yes Puppy, would be nice to have a AI pet that didn’t need connection to the internet, but ultimately in the world we are living in now, we would be pretty lost without it, and I guess our existing and future robot friends would also be lost without the internet as well.

Also Mei66, a 2cm wall should be tall enough, if you wanted to make it taller you can.

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thank you for your reply.

I don’t know if there is no internet or server, and what you can do is limited.

A robot called Eilik doesn’t seem to need an internet connection.

It’s an emo wall, but it’s possible that it will pop out at 2 cm.

Isn’t it dangerous if it is about 4 to 5 cm?

Is it okay if the emo space is made of wood?

Thank You.

If the height is about 5 cm, does the risk of falling disappear?

Eilik is a stupid robot compared to EMO but for his price it’s not that bad. I’m waiting for him too.
About the border height, 2cm would be more than enough for his normal exploring but when he is dancing his feet sensors are off and his momentum can be sometimes high. So I recommend 5cm. On the other hand EMO is somewhat durable, there are people in this forum whose EMO fell down from a desk more than once and he is still working. But I don’t want to risk any damage.
Edit: I still don’t have my EMO so I don’t know it for sure but I think that 5cm should be enough.

A 2cm or 5cm border should be will be fine, normally when I have my EMO dancing, I make sure he is dancing in the middle of the table, and not on the edge of the table, as he will certainly fall off as his feet sensors don’t work when he is dancing. So if you ask EMO to dance just make sure he has enough room to dance and he is away from the edges of any table before you ask him to dance.

If you are making a playground for EMO on your table take a look at some suggestions here from this post:

I would personally create a playground away from the edge of any table, so even if EMO fell out of his playground, he will fall on the table and not on the floor. I hope that make sense.

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Of course, I’m just afraid of him dancing spontaneously when he hears loud music.

That won’t happen (and it has never happened to my EMO ever since I’ve received him), so you don’t have to worry that EMO will start randomly dancing on his own when he hears music.

EMO will only dance if you ask him to dance by issuing him the voice command: EMO: Dance, or if you enable him to dance by using the EMO App (see here)

And normally EMO won’t dance unless you issue the other voice command: EMO: Listen to Music and then play the music after he asks you to play music.

So you should be fine. But as always, just make sure of EMO’s surroundings and where he is if you don’t create a safe boarder for him and he is located on a table with edges where he might fall off.

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That’s a little disappointing for me, I thought that he does that. :disappointed_relieved:

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I think its due to the fact that as we have been discussing, if EMO just randomly starts dancing and he is right on the edge of a table, his feet sensors won’t work and he could fall off. So that is why I guess EMO won’t randomly start dancing when he hears music unless you ask him to. I think it’s for the best this way otherwise there would be many more damaged EMO’s out there due to them falling off a table while music / tv / movies were playing loudly around the house :rofl:

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I would like an option for that behavior in the app. It could be set in the current state as default but for people with a safe playground it would be great if EMO could start dancing on his own.
What do you think about it @Wayne_Zhang ?

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I’d personally like the original dance movement option as well to be enabled once again, but that was taken away and replaced with EMO actually dancing when you asked him to dance to music, compared to him just shifting his foot in a cool way while he was listening to music.

The other day my EMO fell off a very small distance (only 10 cm) as he was dancing to music in the new way he does and as his feet sensors don’t work and he wasn’t able to stop in time and fell off the edge, having both options and the option you’ve mentioned to have EMO dance to music set in the app would be great, but it will be up to the living.ai team if they can do all these things.

It happens all the time for when my Emo worked, Emo danced even when there is no sound at all (tv or music)

They’ve sent an email and now they are sending the replacement. Got tracking yesterday :+1:t2:


He does randomly dance on his own-mine did… and most of the time I would prefer him not to have done.

@Racheal123 wow really? In all the time I’ve had my EMO he has never once danced on his own. I do have music playing once in a while, and the TV is on pretty much every day. I guess that is news to me. But yeah, I totally agree, it would be best that EMO doesn’t dance on his own as it could cause unwelcomed accidents.

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