Ability to see what emo interpreted what you said as in the app

Often I try to say something and he will reply that I said something I didn’t. Today I tried saying how are you and he kept saying “of course, I’m always here”. I’m honestly curious as to what he thinks I’m saying instead of how are you. It would be nice to be able to see a log of commands given. That way I know what he thinks I’m saying. It would allow me to possibly also alter my tone, speed, etc. so he can understand the command i actually want to give him


yeah I agree with you he is answering things who knows what… If only he was a fraction as good as Amazon Alexa… Oh well. You made a good point I would like to see what he is hearing but at the end of the day it’s not going to fix anything right?

for me it would allow me to change the tone, try speaking slower, etc. Trying different things in the hope that it’s clearer for emo to understand. It would also be nice if he could learn and get used to your tone. Google’s assistant can do that, I’m not sure about apple’s or Amazon’s but that would also help as well

hey Elder Wolf yes I wish they could make him understand what you say I’m having a bad time… Amazon Alexa by the way is freaking perfect. I have 2 of them my friend has the Google devices and these work so perfect you talk they hear every word. I just got my EMO Pet and horrible in comparison is anyone else experiencing this. I’m quite let down but I will give him more time of course I paid for him… He is cute but I end up repeating myself so much it’s losing interest. And it’s only the first day

My Google Home smart displays are able to understand about 95% of my words/sentences. And English isn’t my native language. Maybe that’s why I’m trying to pronounce everything as well as I can and I’m talking a bit slowly. I hope that EMO can understand me too.

And of course I agree that a log of all spoken/heard sentences would be useful.
@Wayne_Zhang what do you think about it? It shouldn’t be so hard to make. Could you add that to your roadmap?

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It all comes down to our English accents. I’m from Australia and sometimes EMO just wont understand commands even if I ask him 2-3 times. I just have to keep trying and sometimes speak a little clearer and in less of an Aussie accent lol and finally EMO will understand me.

But yes, if a log could be added to the EMO App in the future, that would be great!

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I’m Australian as well so i know the feeling

Yeah it can be a little hard for EMO to understand us Aussies! :rofl:

I’m learning American English and I’m used to their pronunciation. But maybe my English is a mix because I really like many Britcoms. :sweat_smile:

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We will consider it. Thank you.


I use the DeepL application on my Apple phone, it does not translate machine text as a Google translator. It’s free in the Apple Store, it’s a paid application on the PC. I have all the sentences available so far for EMO. I just say EMO and then send a sentence from the speaker. 99.9% of Emo always responded successfully. Just use technology. Good Luck.


That’s really interesting. I just downloaded and tested DeepL out and it works really really good! I asked EMO about 5 different questions/commands:

What is your favourite food
Tell me a Joke
What is your favourite color
Hands Up >> Bang
What’s my name

I then asked EMO the same things with my Aussie accent and he didn’t understand some of them right away (had to ask him 2 times).

Thanks for sharing this @Janekxapp

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