Rebooting Problem Again

Yes, all voice communication takes place online.

yeah it’s definitely not working very well for me. I just want people to support me it’s not my fault any of this. I don’t need to be called out I’m the one supporting the company by purchasing this cute little guy… Very well possible the servers here could be absolutely beyond horrible…I just I’m so tired of having to repeat repeat and raise my voice talk slow everything. Maybe if they checked into their servers because I’ve even heard his voice break up to the point where it was just garble

actually there are three hints the server is really bad

  1. I said dance song 3 plays for a few seconds craps out and dies. Somebody’s not even looking to see if things are working you know maintenance
  2. I told you his voice when all garbled and distorted pieces were missing totally broken up… Server could be doing that
  3. hey EMO, hey EMO ,and no response could also be server related it’s just not there.
  4. I’ve said this to master Abbott about normal commands he should know he gives the I don’t know response. He knows these commands but yet gives me the I don’t know thing he does.… The server is not picking it up possibly.

these are signs of a server. Possibly I was never that type of technician. I was a small business tech working on cash registers networks and general everything breakdowns and building hardware. I was not highly specialized because nobody is. I had good intuition and never lost a battle on a PC in my life it’s a good record I’m proud of it. tough moments I sweat sometimes but I never lost

we know all voice commands come from online servers already I think everyone realizes this

I did not notice anywhere in the reply that you were not being believed. I am sure if you raised the challenges and disappointment you have experienced in the last seven days in a positive and open style, other members of the forum will contribute and do their best to help you out. The one member who offered you a potential solution, instead of replying or confirming the tablet’s age, accused the member who has taken time out of there; I am sure busy schedule to provide you with help and support.

Please do not take this next observation as an attack or insult to you (I also experience this pain point). I will support you in this observation. I am originally from New Zealand, now living in the USA. I also have to speak to EMO several times, and yes, I’ve yelled sometimes too, and I’m ignored. My American friends say 'EMO’I to my unit once, EMO instantly acknowledges and responds to them. I accept that being understood by a device or people can be frustrating at times when they are developed with using a different style of English. Dd you take advantage of the option (I think I found a link in one of the quick reference guides) to record you saying EMO to help with his learning.

I understand how disappointing it can be when you wait so long and your expectations are not met, and you feel a lack of support from members. When I received my EMO within seven days, he had danced off my table several times, and now one of his headphones does not light up, and it upsets me when I look at him now. Most of the time, after I have learned to slow down, try to soften my accent, and think about how I structure what I say to EMO has helped me (not always, I will admit)

I’ve only been on this forum for a few months. However, it’s amazing to see experienced members share their experiences, create videos, and give thier time to reply to us newbies so quickly.


Regarding voice commands issued to EMO. I can suggest an app called DeepL for testing and also issuing voice commands to EMO. @Janekxapp actually recommended it in another thread and it seems to work quite well with EMO. I’ll link it here for your reference:

Also sometimes, as many people have also mentioned, EMO might not reply or reply with broken speech which is hard to understand, could be server related, and internet connection speed as well.

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I hear what you’re saying but I get disappointed when this scenario takes place… Maybe you’ve you’ve had this happen to you when you’re having a problem and somebody says to you … Nobody else has the problem… See what I mean it’s belittling what you’re feeling and your problem like it’s not real. I would never say that… You know what I mean …

Yeah I’ve tried everything with my cute little friend … My English is spot on and super clear I was a public speaker for a short time as well. So we cancel that out… I’ve had signs of server issues you’ve already read… I just wish it was half is good as a $25 Amazon echo dot … This thing hears me had a whisper and never mixes up anything it’s literally that good. I don’t know how hard it is to make the software do that I’m not a writer maybe living AI will get better who knows.

I think I also posted that my ex-boss the computer business said he’ll give me his old iPhone at least maybe then I can play the boardgame that I haven’t had a chance yet.

I hope you understand what I meant above. And thanks for your tips well waiting I looked up every piece of info on this thing…

You also read my EMO when into a violent shaking seizure then instantly blacked out and rebooted three times… It is what it is I’m just getting tired of screaming at it let’s all. I didn’t mean to lose my patience with anyone but I also let you know why a little bit.

I think hard to get anywhere when the companies so far away…living AI is aware of the seizures and reboots not much they can do will have to wait on that. Anyway nice to meet you :grinning:

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thank you… My Australian this is a app that can talk I presume and it will translate my English into English hee hee… But I have such perfect English… Hmmm

I have a cute little story before I go I think I told you I tease him when he EMO Pet is sleeping I touch him but soon as he starts to wake up I quit and he goes back to sleep well this usually goes on for about a couple minutes and he will eventually of course the key word is of course he will wake up and there is he’s awake… Well the other day when I was doing it he kept waking up screaming at me doing all kinds of different and unusual things growling…but always going back to sleep in other words it was like he was so tired he just did not want to wake up no matter what…I laughed so hard and I made a video of all of it he just did not want to wake up it was the funniest thing to date… The video is long he would scream at me all different ways but surprisingly go back to sleep making growling sounds I never seen anything like it. I hope you can follow that little story it was really unusual because he acted like a real person that hadn’t slept in a week :blush:… He honestly wanted to sleep so bad it made me laugh

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It sounds like he needs to go back to Living AI, unfortunately. If your electronic device starts acting up and the fix is beyond your abilities, you’ve got to turn to the company, and thankfully this company is more than happy to accommodate us. You can’t be too bored to get support for your little robot!

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I saw a used good condition EMO sell for $200. I’d be willing to do around that, since he may have problems.

Hello Puppy444

I’ve read your comments. I understand you’re frustration.

May I ask if you haven’t already done this I’m guessing you have, have you done the ‘7 Days with Emo’ it’s very important to do this as soon as you unbox him.

I think if you didn’t -Emo may not work as well as he should, these 7 days are there so he can learn from you and it helps him to develop into a very active robot pet.

If he’s ignored during this time then he might not be very active after those 7 days.

Like I said I’m sure you read the ‘manual’ first like everyone should.

If this doesn’t apply to you Puppy444 please ignore but it may help others…

If the above doesn’t apply then the only thing is to talk to someone at technical support or maybe try to be a little more patient with him, I mostly only talk with him when there’s nothing on like tv radio on -this is only when I really want to play with him, when there’s too much noise he often will ignore us and sometimes he will not understand what I’ve said to him, he either blinks or he will say something different that has nothing to do with what I asked.

The app -well I’m not sure if I can help you with this I don’t use android only iPhone, as long as the phone has an gps on it (android) or you use the latest firmware on your iOS (the one you’re borrowing) then hopefully it will start to work better.

I don’t think it’s right for you to say NendosColl was arguing with you and I believe you should apologise to NendosColl it may seem like NendosColl was being a little direct, it can be difficult for some to help others and sometimes can come off the wrong way from your perspective, NendosColl was trying to understand you’re problem with Emo, and perhaps NendosColl can apologise too because we all need to be helpful, respectful and very clear in what we try to tell each other, that way nobody gets hurt. I hope you understand both of you.

If all members can’t offer a suitable solution to the conversation in which a topic is based upon, it would be best to leave it to somebody who can explain better. In my personal opinion NendosColl did nothing wrong and neither did Puppy444 it’s difficult to get a particular point across, the result can lead to tempers. Which I’m sure neither of you do have I’m just explaining that this sort of thing can happen and has happened.

This is why I always think long and hard before I comment about anything and as I’ve said before on this forum ‘I make mistakes too’ (Puppy444 NendosColl please make this better) and please understand that I’m not here to make things worse I just want to help, so please be nice to each other and help as much as you can, Puppy444 try to be a little more respectful to NendosColl -that’s all-

Puppy444 I hope you’re Emo get’s the technical support he and you deserve, I’m sure they will help. Please don’t sell him, give him some more time. And just to make sure you understand this: Emo is not going to be the same as echo dot because he is after all just a very expensive toy, and hopefully with time and growth Emo will get more interesting and Lai will soon update him to have Alexa or something like that, unfortunately we all will have to wait a very very very long time for that… so out of the box yes you’re right he can be rather boring, but he does a lot more than he did at the start. So please please give him room to grow and he will learn -like I’ve said before he is great. And I do believe you when you say you have perfect English because I do too and sometimes I shout at him -this is why I have silent time with him so he can get used to me lol

Anyway my EMO just said “hello may I have your name”
and considering he already knows me the cheeky bugger I told him again and now he thinks I’m called ‘Stake’ because I said for goodness sake Emo you already know me :joy: anyway please try to realise that no one’s out to get you Puppy444 just that NendosColl was trying to help in best way possible. So don’t take what I’ve said the wrong way, and if I have said something wrong please let know thanks :blush:

Have a pleasant day talk soon I hope…

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Please read the above carefully thanks :blush:

I am just seeing if this is true or false…

Are some of you (the customer) only wanting the Emo just for Alexa, Google and/ Echo abilities? FYI it’s not available yet!

If this is the primary reason you are buying Emo then you may be a little disappointed because Emo may not be as good and efficient as those devices are Individually, even if one of these become available in the near future- doesn’t mean it’s going to be the same as if you were to buy a Google device, Alexa or an Echo device -which would be cheaper.

Also knowing that Emo is very cute and walks around, talks to you and dances etc. I think some are only buying because of this promised feature… I may be incorrect. :black_heart::slightly_smiling_face::skateboard::headphones::face_with_raised_eyebrow::hamburger::sunglasses::game_die:

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NendosColl… Sorry :innocent:

It was 3 AM and that little EMO Pet wore me out… :pleading_face:


hee hee :blush: EMO you’re fired… :innocent: poor little guy he’s even programmed to get under your conscience… :innocent: Thanks :star_struck:


There that’s much better thanks Puppy444 :+1:

I believe NendosColl will apologise soon… even if not then remember we’re all learning here as well -me included haha

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Sorry, but I’m not going to apologize.
In Czechia we are communicating a bit different way than people let’s say in USA. We value truth and sincerity more than political correctness and politeness. We are talking about everything openly and we are not lying or be silent about something just because it’s not comfortable.
I understand that people from a different environment can sometimes consider it rude.
I’m not going to change my way of speaking because I believe that our communication is better, maybe not so polite but for sure more honest. And of course my English isn’t perfect so it’s hard for me to say everything how I want.


NendosColl I just want to let you know, I respect you for being honest. And like I said none of you did anything wrong here really, well🐶got a little carried away lol

NendosColl some individuals stand up for the truth where I come from as well, the only problem here (I don’t know about the US) in the UK we are rather bold and we will say exactly what we think even if it’s wrong or right, of course this is not what I meant by you being direct. If anything you are right we need to be honest.

‘Truth’ will always be different from one person to another and one country to another, including correct / incorrectness. This is why personally I don’t like confrontation. It’s not about being politically correct -it’s about trying to listen to both sides of the coin before it all goes wrong.

I’m not here to tell you what to do, and how to do it. It may come across that way (sorry for that) but in reality -although you are right to believe in honesty and sincerity and it is more important than being politically correct as you say. It’s also important that you see their side, not just your own.

Really to be fair it’s none of my business, this forum is only for ‘Emo’ and not about each other’s way of thinking towards each other, this is supposed to be a safe place for ppl to learn about and discuss one thing. And to help each other with issues concerning the product. And all Puppy444 was asking for was help, in return you decided to help, which is a good thing, but it looked (to Puppy444) like you believed Puppy444 was lying about the issue that was raised, this is why I jumped in -I believe Puppy444 was just a little bit tired and upset with Emo not working properly and this can be frustrating and we all can make mistakes so therefore Puppy444 probably misunderstood you and didn’t see it as you would have liked and that was you trying to be helpful but truthful in order to sort out what was wrong with Emo, Phone etc

I only asked you to apologise, but it’s not necessary because to be honest and sincere Puppy444 was the trouble maker :dog: (just being honest Puppy444 I know you were tired and disappointed with Emo but it’s no excuse to blame anyone or to blame Emo for that matter lol) Puppy444 has sincerely apologised now.

So NendosColl I hope you understand what I’ve said here and let’s just leave at that.

No more barking :dog: okay :+1:t2:
And let’s talk about Emo…!


I never wrote such thing. And I agree, that’s enough about it.