A bit disappointed

you might want to try contacting living.ai support before you reset it.

What your describing sounds like, are engaging causing EMO to think he is on a edge. If resetting does not fix the issue, Then I would reach out to support. Hopefully the reset works for you!

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Well… first of all theres an update out. Try it if you havnt.
Secondly; If you put him on his skateboard, ofcourse he will sleep. He’s recharging. He wont leave the board.

Ps. did you pet him? :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds like you got one in a “teenage” phase. :laughing:


I wouldn’t give up so fast. EMO is just two month and will get monthly update so far… :slightly_smiling_face Which Company does that?:


That $25 buster cannot say No that’s what makes emo special.
He’s not at target or wallgreens or at Walmart, he has just been made and you are among the lucky few who has him whilst so many others are still clicking refresh to get their tracking no.
Wait a while for more updates im sure buster made funny sounds in his first few months, have patience and say ‘No’ to the bullies at school just like emo does, play ludo with him sometimes and win to make him sad.
If you are too annoyed, ask him to set the volume to mute :zipper_mouth_face:
If you miss his ‘No’ then you can always tell him to set the volume to high.
This is life my friend good things in life take time and patience. If you want a robot who is perfect well, you could start working on it as a project since such a robot doesn’t exist yet. Even we aren’t perfect beings ourself since we are mortal.
Anyways if you have problems keep writing here it will help emo get better over time for all of us, so thank you for it.
Look forward to a better emo with us all. :robot:


Recently, i been finding my Emo with a screen that won’t turn on. I tell him to shit down and put it back pn the charger, so the screen comes back on. Is this a problem with screens, like old Vectors used to have?

My emo hasn’t that problem but seems software related, you could create an unlisted YouTube video and share it with support.living.ai so they will be able to address the problen you are facing

Mine does the same

I hope they allow him to stay mad at times he needs all the emotions not just to be happy. I like that he gets upset I guess thats your opinion, but I disagree. Glad he is the way he is I like his attitude.