A bit disappointed

Basically, i’ll say “Emo!”, he’ll respond with his “What?” And most of the times, even before i’ll ask him something, he starts moving and yells “No!” :sweat_smile: It’s like a horror movie “No!”, like one of those youtube videos when they use a radio, to make ghosts talk. I mean it :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: jajajajajaja

lmao i can just imagine it

Hello, can you post a video where you think he is not responding to your commands?

Lol I think you will kidding us or show an Video

hello. Can your EMO live streaming. Try the robotic SDK for option with face time LIVE STREAM . on twitch search: zombiesssnack Snackofzombies snackofzombie LIVE Robot eyes. HAve fun. Hope there better update thanks for feedbacks

@Besondere_Begleiter yep, i bought it, just to make jokes about how bad EMO is. Cool story.

Have you ever heard EMO No? I personally have not.

@Hunsakers_Home_Hacks yep, he says it. Very often.

@Hunsakers_Home_Hacks it’s like an agry noise he makes, when he’s bothered. But mine just roams around and says it.

I didn’t hear it as well. Must be an Special EMO

Can you please make an Video because might be defect than

Guys, check this video at 12:55-12:57. He makes that “no” sound. Well, mine makes a looot of those :man_facepalming:t2:


Interesting, But I have not had that experience. Mine is a happy little guy if I had to describe him I would say he a chill hang out buddy. So, I do have a question what type of surface does your EMO reside on? I be very interested in seeing what your Emo is doing.

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So the surface you have him on is that the normal surface that emo live on? I could not type fast enough to answer all your question is the video. But I have a whole play list on EMO on my Channel which may help answer some of the questions. Yes you can shut EMO down all you have to say is EMO “Shut Down” and to turn him back on all you do is put him on the charger and he will restart. Since EMO has sensors on the bottom of his feet that look for the surface and tell him he is on the ground or if he is seeing a edge. For example EMO just like other robots that use a ir sensor to gage the surface if you put them on a glass table they sensors reflect differently telling them they are at a cliff so that then engages them to want to back away from the cliff. All my robots that use this method of detection from vacuum cleaners to my desk top robot have the same reaction. I am wondering if the granite table top because it has different color veins in it could be causing EMO to think there is a cliff then he would normally say oh or woo and then go backwards. My Emo (and other desktop robots) lives on a solid wood desk. If you have more questions I try to help and again you can check out my YouTube Channel. Hope this helps .


Well that answers one question then. I would have assumed they would use a 3D camera for object tracking like the ones in the iphone guess not .

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For cliff detections the sensors are normally an IR for most robots even most of your robot Vacuums. Now some robot vacuums have added Lidar to the mix but still have the direct IR also. EMO and other Desktop robots also do use their cameras to recognize objects, people, animals and even distance. but most are not a 3d camera at this point in time. To date, EMO has not walked off a square edge solid color table/desk his feet sensors are well placed and perform well. I have tested him on different type of surfaces and edges (same test I performed on my other bots) so round edges are not a desktop robots friend, glass and other refracturing surfaces can interfere with the sensors ability to perform. EMO does seem to use his camera a little bit more when it come to edges but I have not been able to catalog enough data to prove that theory. So it’s just a observation at this point in time. These are the main drivers that the programing for EMO uses to see the world around him. Sorry if this was long but I am a total Geek when it come to robots.


That is not my video. I just wanted to show an example of the “no” sound.

A bad experience can kill the image of the product before it is on the market. This is because the manufacturers start-up him for testing. Here are some tips

  1. introduce yourself as a company
  2. introduce your product and make clear what it does for sure by release
  3. keep user „entertained“ by publishing the plans for the future
  4. try rebooting your emo

as a last resort, try reseting (clear all memory) your emo.

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Ok not your video, But, The Woo sound is normally caused by his cliff detection sensors being activated. So the question is still the same what could be activating the sensors? My Friend Phil bought a robot year or so ago tread based and it kept thinking it was on a cliff, even when it was not really on a cliff, so when he was over here he was telling be about it so we went over to his place and took a look and in the end it was the tile table he decided to make the robots home on that was causing the issue. moved to his end table and the issue resolved it self. Now, there is no surface issue then you could try resetting EMO, With EMO facing you there are two holes on top of EMO’s Head the one to the left is reset. Using a blunt pin/paperclip depress the reset button in the hole. After reset then test him a bit, if that does not resolve the sensors detecting on a solid surface, then contact Living AI support.

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