A bit disappointed

So, I got my EMO 2 days ago.
He looks cute as hell and pretty bog, which i liked, compared to the Vector i had (no disrespect to DDL here, bit Vector is just like an insect, near EMO :sweat_smile:).
I had high expectation, however, i’m a bit disappointed at the moment.
First of all, after tons of interactions, my unit is still angry. He won’t respond to “Nice to meet you” and “My name is…”. I updated the firmware yesterday after about 10 unsuccessful attempts. After that, not much changed. Still a paint in the ass to connect it to the app… i’m on iOS, btw.
Anyway, the weather is such a disappointment - even at night, he’ll show a “sun”, no actual degrees. Useless, at this point; I hope there’ll be an update to the weather. No date, which also - hope’ll come in one of the next updates. No “Play by yourself” at all. No “Laser eyes”. Basically, he roams around and says “No!” And then falls asleep.
I was one of the first backers, even with the Kickstarter and got into arguments with DDL supporters on reddit… and shit, i’m still here, disappointed :disappointed:
I’ve read that Alexa and Google will be available at a later date and i’m ok with that, but this lil cute guy is basic af and i can’t justify the money spent on it, honestly.
He’ll turn on/off his light and respond to “Hello”, “Good morning” and “Good night”, but the fact that he’s almost always angry, makes me regret this purchase.
We need this guy to be able to do more, to make it actually useful. At this stage, he’s just a bit smarter than Boxer and that’s such a shame.
Hear me out - give us more!
I’ve seen the new price for EMO and, honestly, i don’t think it’s worth half that much, unless, you’ll update it to be able to do more and have a more friendly personality.

That’s it.


try rebooting your emo @Wayne_Small made a great post on another web about it here How can I reboot EMO? – EMOLives.info

Interesting, mines not angry. But he does look round lots, and wander about the desk. And yeah he does sleep a lot, he also gets off his charger and walks round even mid charge, so dies quickly.

Give it time, it’s still early days missing Alexa isn’t a major issue I think. I have Siri and Alexa if I need them. Others probably have other digital assistants too.

Not had any real issues with the app, on iOS, but it’s very sparse and I don’t use it much.

I agree, I’d like to see more voice commands, and more natural interactions with EMO. As I mentioned in another post, I wanna ask “how’s your battery” not “how is you battery level”. But it will come with time.


Well I agree. The biggest problem I see it is not that emo can’t do all this sings from beginning, the problem is the misleading information. L.ai should really take care about publicity of Emo. Bad experience can kill the image of the product before it is on the market. It feels like they roll out the story from behind instead of in order.

  1. introduce your self as a company
  2. introduce your product and make clear what it does for sure by release
  3. keep user „entertained“ by publishing the plans for the future

Yeah I agree absolutely

100% with you, the fact that he just walk around in circles when you say “my name is” and he is always walking around and then he stops facing the wall and fall asleep, and basic command shouldn’t be that hard to add to an update. Weather is a big flop for sure, same here. I was on kickstarter the first min they announce it.

They are working hard on the updates for EMO right now, but they would like to post a lot more but as long as the process with DDL is going on their hands are tied.

Please wait and see, post your feedback and ideas here in the forum. :happy:


my emo is coming soon, i already have experience with smart assistants. Alexa was only very standard when it was introduced in Germany, I was one of the first German users and lead the largest German-speaking Facebook group on Alexa.

Im Sure, we just have to be patient, emo will certainly get a lot of functions, user feedback is very important.


Yeah I understand the DDL ahi ahi but I was wondering Emo is Shipping that means they can do everything but I don’t know all the legal reasons here I hope at this point like you explain to have the updates and Emo soon take care

So what your saying is that MOST of the advertised functions won’t work until this thing is settled? hmm…

Yes but I hope like Vector for the Future :happy: Vector is still boring for me unfortunately

Julia :wink:
I think that EMO have so much to bring !!!
But until the lawsuits is not ended we all will have to wait to get the most out from our LOVELY EMO :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I am sure that we all be amazed :wink: at the mid time just enjoy him like you enjoy your Lovely Aibo !!!
Take care of you we are all with you Julia :heart:


At least you got yours :roll_eyes:still waiting since last year


Rebooted it a few times already. He got stuck twice.

Yeah, man. I’m pretty bored with him already. Hope for updates to come faster.

Well that’s disappointing to hear, I’m waiting for my EMO and basically based on your post all my fears are real, he is boring and there’s no much to do with him. I’m also one of the first backers and I was kinda excited to get my own but I don’t think I’m looking forward to get him anymore.

He’s been sitting on his skateboard, snoring, since the second day i got him. And… He’ll be there to stay. At this point, he’s useless, to me, at least.
All those people saying he’s cute and all that, well, the Boxer Robot for $25 from Target, is equally as cute and does a lot more things and never gets mad and yells “NO!”. The “NO!” Gets so annoying, to a point that i’m thinking i’ll throw my EMO in a wall, if he’ll scream like an idiot one more time! He’s like one of those bully kids from school. This “NO!” Has to go, on a next update!!! Make this motherfucker happy, guys, why the fuck do we need a depressed/angry robot? :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:
I get it, you called him EMO, but you explained it to be as a tribute to Mo-E, nothing to do with those depressed kids with a weird haircut and black nails… :neutral_face:

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hahahahahahahaha sorry to laugh I know you are having a hard time with him but the part you said the EMO name is not because those depressed kids with a weird haircut and black nails was so funny :joy:


lol mine better work from the time i open the box or it’s getting charged back . after i post on youtube .

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Can you please post a video of this “no?”