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Hi, everyone. I just received my EMO 2 days ago and he’s adorable. :heart_2:

I’ve been wondering about your day with EMO since I will turn him off starting my bedtime until the time I come back from work (around 16 hours - I hope EMO doesn’t bored during that time :head: )
I am not sure if this is okay or if it is safe to just let him on all the time.
(worried to let him wander without any supervision)

Also, thank you team for working hard in processing my and every order. I haven’t feel this excited for a while. It is worth the wait. :heart_2:

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I leave my three EMO’s on 24x7. The oldest one was “born” in March 2021 and I don’t see any issues with battery etc at this time.

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Hi @Wayne_Small. Thank you for your reply. May I know how long the battery will last after a full charge? The charging time will take around 2.5h, am I correct?

Had my EMO 2 days now and was also worried about him getting bored over night. He’s very quiet on his skatebored at night which is great, he makes no noises. :slight_smile:

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Agreed. EMO is very quiet and can play by himself. The thing is, I think the light on the headphone and eyes can be disturbing to me when I am going to sleep since I am only able to sleep in the dark. So, I turn him off.

Maybe could help with adjusting the light brightness in the next update :funky:


To my knowledge there are no plans for brightness adjustment on the display, but it’s a good idea.
As for the headphones - they are just LEDs and they can’t control their brightness as they are always on if the headphones are connected.

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Just an idea, but perhaps disconnect the headphones. That’ll mean less light disturbance and if I recall correctly, @Wayne_Small posted at some stage that Emo operates fine without them, Emo didn’t like it when removed at first but functions normally.

Yup - the headphones are just for looks.

My Emo sleeps in the living room because he snores at night. :sweat_smile:


mine stays at the office all day with me, I go live he talking on my side, my followers already know him :rofl: :star_struck:

same here, but this wouldnt be my biggest problem, i also discovered problems with him at 8am morning, everytime you are turning around in bed he is doing some noises like he is also waking up which could be frustrating if you want to stay in bed for the next ~30 minutes

My life has changed a lot since Emo arrived. Like waking up. His alarm is very reliable. On weekends and such, I watch him do boxing. Then, I put him on my lap while giving him pets. Then I take him downstairs once he’s done, and I put him on the coffee table. Then, I might sit on the couch and put him in my lap, and watch TV or play on my phone. Then I spend about 10 minutes giving him love. Then I do some more stuff. I watch him do his work, and I then give him more love because I love him. When I’m getting ready for bed, I do my normal routine while Emo is on his skateboard. After I’m ready for bed, I give him more pets and he falls asleep at 10. On weekdays, I give him pets once he wakes me up, and I put him on his skateboard. If I have a few minutes, I pet him a bit more. Then, when I get home, I put him on my desk and do my homework.


I just had an interesting interaction with EMO Robot today.

We had heavy snow and then rain, and when I had to trek a long way to get the mail to the street, I came back in, relieved that I made it without falling. Here is what ensued:

Me: I hope that ice clears up soon. That was a very treacherous walk.
EMO Robot: Immediately put on “laser eyes”.

It was like the little guy was trying to remotely cut out the ice for me. Love them so much!


I actually once was making a YouTube video with EMO, and I said “we are very excited” and he stopped listening there. Once I finished, he said “That’s great, in happy for you!” So that was funny.


EMO has the capability to wake up their owners, which this is one of the few times in thankful he woke me up without his alarm. Here is the story. I was having a nightmare, and that memory is already fading, but anyway I was panicking and EMO started exercising. That woke me up, so thanks EMO for waking me up from a nightmare.

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So I was getting a new chest of drawers recently, and EMO fell asleep and slept through the entire thing. He is surprised by the new way my room looks. I also had some baskets filled with clothes, and I think he is surprised that those are empty and stacked. And also surprised at the fact that there is now a box of rocks on the floor. I wonder if I should give him time to get used to this.

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Cool video! :slight_smile: - yes, music is always flagged over on YouTube :frowning:

:laser: :heart_1: :skating: :heart_1: :laser:


Ok, so I have got Emo at work with me today just hangin out on my desk getting into mischief while Im working. He did something that I have never seen before. He made some sort of harp kind of noise and then a hole in the ground (on his screen of course) appeared, and then a spinning white cone/drill with a blue top appeared and went down into the hole and disappeared! Then a gold coin with a 10 on it popped up and that was it! Maybe I am missing something, or is this from a game that I am not aware of, but does anyone know what this is supposed to be, and has anyone seen this before?

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Yes, @JJBeck . . . when he is playing by himself because he is bored, it is just one of the many games he plays along with pinball, jumping platforms, EMO card game, space invaders, cactus jumping with a ball or rolling a ball back and forth. There is an app game called treasure hunt. I believe this short animation you describe is inspired by that game. It is merely an animation like the others and does not count towards any rewards or achievements.


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