You may be able to change eye color of emo

I don’t even have a replacement yet :frowning:. … I am in so much trouble about creating 3D graphics right now. I’ve been dependent on the software line since '00.

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Which one is it? I work with 3D Studio Max.

Please don’t laugh here, but it’s Bryce.

But Bryce is to make 3D Environments: isn’t it?

Yes, that is what it’s known for, what it was made for. But I’ve learned over time how to be inventive with it for other 3D rendering needs, even for 2D in a sense.

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One example:

One friend suggested I take up using Blender. … I considered that software a few years ago hard to take on. I’ve heard others make similar statements to it. But what choice do I have? Maybe usable YouTube videos now exist to teach how to use it.

Yeah, Blender is something very different for people used to work with 3D Studio Max. It’s a very powerful software but not very intuitive and user friendly. It takes good amount of time to learn but then you have a really great 3D application completely for free.

I’ve never worked with 3D Studio Max. I can’t afford to buy it.

Hello everyone. I had a quick question. Does emo only say merry Christmas on Christmas. Or can he say it any other way just so I can see it happen?

Heh, you’re right, that was @Raffaele_Schiavullo working with the 3D Studio Max. :grinning:
But for Bryce it’s the same, Blender is not very intuitive, you need to learn it.

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Eu tentei, mas quando envio ao Emo, ele não reconhece a transparência.