Would love it if Emo could play chess

I love to play chess, and think it would be excellent for emo to feature. Even if it required a real chess board, such as emo telling you where to move his pieces, and you telling emo where you moved to. His screen seems so large, you could probably have him show a screen on his face though! It would be so cute to see him gloat every time he captures a piece.


Yes, it would be great to play with him. I think the easiest way would probably to use the app, but him saying(and tracking) the moves so you can play his side on a real one would also be great.


Great idea, I think this feature would best work with the EMO App for sure to make it easier for both yourself and EMO to play. (kinda how you can play modern ludo with him now as you can see the ludo board on the app and then move accordingly with a dice roll.

For Chess, I guess you’d be able to move the chess pieces on the EMO App, and EMO would simply just state where he is moving and the piece moves on its own.

Would be nice to see this feature added in future updates

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