World📰-nowt 2 do with Emo/Lai (don’t look unless u want 2)

It’s very upsetting with what’s going on in the world right now, listening to the news. Why! Why! Why! -That man is :imp: -he’s hurting innocent people…:cry:


Please feel free to delete this thread if it is not Acceptable! In the forum.

I am extremely saddened by what is happening. I know where I live there are people trying to get some of the Ukrainians out and bring them to the U.S. where they will be safe, but they lose their homes and everything they know only to have to start over again.

My heart goes out to all who have been killed, injured and displaced.



I’m completely agree. I think almost everybody who wants to live in peace thinks in the same way.
My heart is also with the victims :frowning:
It has to stop now!!


Guys - I agree it’s sad for sure, but will lock this thread as it’s not really directly relevant to EMO.