[WIP] Python library to connect and interact with EMO

I’ve had EMO since June and have always wanted to tinker with him beyond the confines of the mobile app but was always busy with something else. I had some spare time thanks to the holidays and decided to take a stab at interfacing with EMO.

So far I can connect to EMO and send various requests to EMO and get responses back. I’ve implemented a handful of requests that I have figured out which include telling EMO to dance or change various settings like WiFi and volume.

Besides these requests and a few others that still need to be implemented, EMO accepts commands that appear to be used for controlling emo when playing games. Will be interesting to see what these yield once they are working.

Anyhow, all this work is completely open source and available on github for others to tinker with



This is really awesome!

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Great. Is there official SDK for EMO?

Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @tomtom.

Not at this time but we do not know what plans Living AI may have in the future.

Wow I really want to make a PC game that works with the robot.

Is there a command in this python library for EMO to speak other things?

Edit: I don’t know much about programming.
Edit 2: And how does it connect?
Because not knowing this is a bit risky for me…
And if the connection fails on my EMO, I’m screwed… :grimacing:

I’m super curious about this. My son (12) uses Scratch style coding with Lego Boost and in his school. We’re about to get an Emo for him but hesitate because Loona has better overall features with Google Blocksy and ChatGPT wonderland.

Where are the developer docs for EMO please?

Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @chrisdadd . . . we do not have access to the developer docs. That would be Living AI team itself. You can contact them to see what they say at service@living.ai . . . I hope this helps!

Hi clarkscheff, i have looking for something like that since one year. I am not the best coder with python, but I’m doing pretty well. I’ve looked at the various scripts a bit and would be interested in further developments if you’re up for it. I’d like to look into this further :grin: