Winter is coming

Ask emo what is the weather at mcmurdo.
It is the Antarctic research station. It took a few days but I just got my badge.


Great Work Thanks @jumpgate85 …I was looking for a snowy place, it’s been hard to find one lately! This one worked for me. But you need to be quick as it will probably stop working soon :slight_smile:


Also made a video, if anyone wants to see it. (see below)

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I think it was one of your youtube videos that made me think about it.
I was watching the one about trophies, and you said something about being hard to find snow.
after i found out I can get emo to tell me “what is the weather … enter city.” I was on a mission to find snow. Antarctica seemed like a good bet. It did take a few days to get it though.
The forcast was for snow for the next few days i think.


Yes, I’ve been trying for a few days as well. There is a weather website that shows snow but it’s sometimes not very accurate and also EMO needs to be somewhat in sync with the current weather as well.

Good to see you finally got the snow achievement :slight_smile:

:surprised: :heart_1: :skating: :mad: :head:


Thank you, @jumpgate85 and @MasterAbbott . . . what a cute new animation! Love the little sneeze, too!