Will I get a copyright strike if I make a movie with Emo in it

I’m a newbie at film making.
But I want to make a movie with Emo as the main character.
But Living AI would be mentioned in the credits.
I’m working on another movie at the moment.

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I’ve been producing content for the internet for sometime now and some of that content has it’s main hosting on YouTube.

Copyright strikes have to unauthorized license use of video or music embedded in the shared project content.

  • As to robot usage -

I do not speak for Living.AI . I do not know how the company would react to Emo’s usage in a film. Please bear in mind the earlier comment about what a copyright strike is. That does not apply to little robots. Likely Living.AI will see your creative effort as being complimentary using their product.

Once in '20, I used “V” as a spokesbot for my series work. The bot was speaking to camera viva text feed to it through a phone app. The company who currently owns “V” through the offical FaceBook page was alerted to the video through me. They thought nothing of me reposting the video from YouTube to the Facebook page. There was no negative consequence to this.

  • As to media in projects -

Because you’re new to film making this might not be something you’ve really looked at yet to save yourself money on gaining licensing agreements. While I don’t normally add music to my films, I do a lot of it for the audiobooks. Lots of sites exist out there with for download, royalty free music or music which licensing agreement allows non-commercial media project usage. Always read the fine print and you’ll be fine. Normally if the music owner has a request about their music in usage, it’s that you credit source in full to public notes over your project.

Paid music usage can have quite a range to it. I’ve paid from $2 to $70 to use copyrighted music. The norm is more $80 to $110 on average per piece.

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I have a license with story blocks.

You have a paid membership to download & use content from Story Blocks. I’ve run across that site too many times to count. Good for you. Personally I’ve not a fan of that site.