Wifi issue Emo not connecting

Might be a post in this but has anyone have issue connecting to wifi. Got home today and its asking for my wifi i input everything and it will not connect

Is your Wi-Fi router and Internet connection working normally with other devices such as your phone, computer, etc? If not then power cycle the cable modem and router or whatever you use.

If the internet connection is working ok, then resetting EMO or turning him off then putting him back on the charger to turn him back on again should get him to reconnect. The procedure to turn him off if he’s not communicating is kind of a pain for me. It’s easier to use a (thin) paper clip and press EMO’s reset button. They don’t recommend using a pin because the sharp point could damage the plastic button, but if that’s all you have maybe you could slightly blunt the end.

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I got it he is connected. Thanks for your reply