Why the past two weeks are so slow?

Hello livingIA I hope you’re doing well.
I just wanted to figure it out why the past two weeks became so slow on EMO production?
Only 200 units…
This is not a post to criticize, just to be in touch and to know if production will be back to normal soon.
Sorry if my English is not correct.
Thank you and take care

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@gemynyekho ,
There was 603 shipped in the last 12 days, which is actually less than two weeks. So where did you come up with a figure of only 200?

I think you must be listening to one of the perpetual complainers that make up their own numbers?




Try and be as patient as possible, some weeks could have a lot more EMO’s produced and shipped out than others. Living.Ai are certainly doing their best to keep production moving as best as possible.

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Only 700 more and mine get shipped too :grinning: :partying_face:

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Yes I read it on the forum.
But cool if they continu to produce a lot of EMO.
I’m 21xxx so I’m looking forward to receive it :scream:
I ordered mine on January.
It’s hard to be patient haha but it’s good to see nice people replying questions.
Thank you guys and have a good day.

I was talking about production, not shipping.
Compare to the others weeks it really weak…
11 days ago it was #20047


Don’t worry, some people like to split hairs. Most of us understood what you meant. :wink: