Why is there no China in the receiving place

Why is there no China in the receiving place?The official website cannot be opened in China


Maybe they don’t sell in China.

Robot support Chinese

Traduction for everyone from message above in Chinese « I was also very confused, so I had to purchase Emo through purchasing agent«

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thank you for translating :happy: :happy: :happy:


translation: Chinese, how did you buy it, is it a forwarding company? I am also preparing to place an order, but I found that there is no China. I remember that I could choose China before, but I don’t know why it is no longer.

you are very welcome :happy: :happy: :happy:

I bought it through transshipment. I really hope that EMO can be sent directly to mainland China instead of just filling Macau, Hong Kong, etc.

translation: When I wanted to buy it, I found that I couldn’t send it to China directly, and I didn’t know how to find a reliable forwarding company, so I just asked the purchasing agent to help me book the order. If you know how to find a good forwarding company, you can place an order yourself. :head:

It is really weired because is Company based in China :mad:

yah very true, and it says “worldwide shipping.” :fire_1: :fire_1:


translation: Taiwan is also in China, but there is no mainland. The mainland has to apply for a bunch of certifications to sell, and server resources should not be allowed to wait for a bunch of policy reasons abroad.