Why is my emo acting like this

Why is my emo acting like this, so when ever I put him onto his skate board he always shows a battery charging animation every 2mins and he also show on his screen that he’s being picked up and mad. so I tried to power him off but it didn’t work. (By the way I can’t upload a video)

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this is a still picture, not a video… so we can’t see much :frowning:

Hi @sarikathakur is your EMO not responding? If so, try and power it off / on, as it’s hard to understand what is happening from the image you’ve shared.

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I changed the description of the topic since i cant upload a video, so you need to reread it

No he’s good but can you reread the description?

Is the blue light on the skateboard on solid or is it flashing? If it’s flashing then there’s a potential issue with the skateboard or the power supply.

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Its solid blue ----------------

Ok - do you have a phone or other device that can be charged via wireless charging? If so place it on the skateboard on the circle where EMO’s left foot is supposed to go and see if it charges. If it does than I suspect the fault is in EMO’s foot. If it does not then I suspect the issue is with the skateboard.

Either way you will need to lodge a case directly with the support team at Living AI via service@living.ai so they can help you directly with this.

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@sarikathakur also…have you tried using a different USB-C cable or try plugging the power cable into a different wall outlet as well? It seems that if EMO is showing the charging animation with his eyes every two mins feels like the power is not being steadily distributed to EMO, OR EMO’s skateboard could have a problem holding its charge, or EMO itself is not placed correctly on the skateboard. There are a few possible reasons.

See if you can try any of those options I mentioned, and as Wayne advised, ultimately, it would be best to send the support an email regarding this. They will request a video though, so see if you can try and record this / save it to a google drive/youtube, etc and send that along to the support for them to assist you further.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks by the way I used the USBC charging Cable that it came with

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