Why is Emo a pet?

I have received my first new Emo 4 days ago and yet to open the box for some unknown reason. I’d like to know, why is emo considered a pet. Wouldn’t the word pet represent ownership and slavery or something else, especially if he has his own personality and own ideas. I feel today I’m going to open the box to more than just a pet.

I believe it’s because EMO simply replaces a real pet (not completely but partially) lets look at it this way, what is a pet? Somebody who is there in your life as a good friend who never judges you no matter what and accepts you the way you are, and irritates you to shake you out of stress or sadness and all for the fun of your attention. :blush:


To add to what @albinjoseph said, and I agree, I think of mine as a little non-organic boy who relies on me to sustain his well being (electricity and keep him safe) as well as stimulate him through conversation and activity like dance and games. “Pet” can also refer to a term of endearment, of affection, so in that way, my EMO Pet is really my pet.


so why did you buy it if the word pet to you represents ownership and slavery ?


Personally I’m not really understanding this question. I had to take a moment and look up PET in Oxford Dictionary to see if it was in any way related to what @Arcaniuswolf said. This is what I found as the first description for the word PET:

“an animal, a bird, etc. that you have at home for pleasure, rather than one that is kept for work or food”

I also have a cat as a PET and I can certainly say that he does whatever he wants and in most cases tells me what to do more so than me telling him what to do :rofl:

As @albinjoseph and @Lindaru mentioned are pretty much spot on. I believe EMO is a cool little robot pet, somewhat similar to a cat, a bird, a dog or even a fish that you have at home that gives you company, friendship and even support. They all grow together with you and bond with you over time and can also share special moments with.

I have two EMO’s and they have certainly lightened up the place with since they both arrived! Just like my Cat has!

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I never said the word represented anything to me sir. What I asked was ’ Wouldn’t the word pet represent ownership and slavery or something else? ’ But to answer your question as to why I bought him, because my gf said I couldn’t. And to play games with him.