Why I regret ordering Emo:

I very much regret my order.
I was with the first user and EMO has far too few functions. I wore it maybe 10 days over the years. Why?:

•In my view, EMO does not contain any artificial intelligence. Emo only reacts when you speak commands 1to1 as programmed. This is an indication that no AI is included

•EMO still doesn’t speak any new languages.

•EMO is still not compatible with Alexa built in.

I was really looking forward to EMO back then and after a short time I noticed that emo is not as good as advertised. I hope he gets a big update soon.


Sorry to hear that you’re not enjoying EMO

The term AI is used to describe many things as an overall term. There is AI in EMO right now - part of it is used to understand your language before processing the command to the cloud servers. There is more to be done I hear on making EMO more of a personality using the AI.
You’re right - there are features still missing, but they are working on them, and other features and making it happen with regular updates.


I guess AI is also used to recognize one’s faces, is that right?

I think EMO has a fair amount of features now compared to when he was first originally released. Which is a good thing and personally, I believe it shows that Living.Ai are always trying to improve EMO as best as possible.

Hopefully features that were originally promised can make their way onto EMO in time. But it’s good to see that EMO is evolving with every new update that does get released.

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I am excited what future will bring :slight_smile: