Why can’t I get a answer?

I have been sending nonstop emails and nobody gets back to me I have been charged for my EMO,2 but when I went to check on my order status the order says failed yet my credit card was charged and I really want my EMO! How do I get ahold of someone no one gets back to me through email. I am so upset

I guess you have been replying to the email you received when you made your order? That is the best way to get in contact with the support team.

I’ll tag @Wayne_Zhang into this thread, see if he can possibly help you.

I never got anything in an email from them that’s why I originally I contacted them but I got charged I messaged them at the support email

I know join the queue.

Hi, I only found one email from you this morning and the service will reply to you. Did you send emails with another email address?

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I sent them form 2 different email addresses and I just checked and all the emails I sent went through so I don’t know why you only got one. Can you talk me why it says my payment failed when I did get charged on my card?

Is there anyway to send you a personal message ?