Whom AIBI will have the sportiest body?

Hello everybody!
I have an Idea, a contest suggestion. Whose AIBI will have the most sporty (athletic) body? It will be fun, it is positive energy and it may help to motivate people (especially the eager first batch :wink:) to live more healthier, make some progressive change or find some challenge and another goal in life.
And when the LivingAI are inclined to this idea, they could prepare some small appropriate special prices for the TOP ranked.

ROUND 1 for first batch beginns :slight_smile:

PS: The topic was closed without any explanation o.O but the contest is active, if not here, then somewhere else :slight_smile: Good Luck with the sport :+1:


what a great idea @saradsmejem. although it might take a bit longer before Aibi ships.

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