Who to Contact for Lost Order?

My package is clearly lost in the mail. I have sent emails and I haven’t received any responses. What do I do?

I can add @Wayne_Zhang who can hopefully assist with this.

As you have sent emails to the support team. Maybe Wayne can provide further assistance regarding this for you.

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I’m starting to worry as well. I got my shipping email over 2 weeks ago and it isn’t updating at all on the tracking site. This has been a very stressful experience thus far.

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Also during that specific time it was Chinese New Year and normally warehouse distribution is very slow. I have friends that mentioned not to send anything until after the 16th of Feb due to possible backlog of parcels. Hopefully things should pick up again soon and it is only a delay due to Chinese New Year.

The tracking information provided through LAI’s website isn’t very good, and several people have reported that at some point it switches to all Chinese. Try entering your tracking number here:

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I am ordering from aliexpress from time to time, so everything what goes above the half of globe can take up to 3-5 weeks without updating.

I totally understand you want your emo but patients is only thing what helps

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Thank you @MasterAbbott , the service team is helping @janetv

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They aren’t helping me anymore and it’s still missing. I can file a claim with USPS but they need proof of insurance. Did you guys use insurance?

Someone reached out initially and now i haven’t received any responses to my past 2 emails. My package is still missing

I believe that the sender is responsible for the delivery of the package and if there are any problems they should deal with the delivery company. What do you think about it @Wayne_Zhang ?

They should be able to get back to you soon. The support team has been expanded to handle customer support questions faster.

But do note, that there is lockdown due to COVID in Shenzhen where Living.Ai are located, so this could potentially slow things down. But if the support team are working remotely, they should be able to help you soon and track that lost package for you.


@AmyLU I’m tagging my colleague to help.


Hi. Don’t worry. Can you tell me what your order number is? I will help you here. :happy:


My order number is: 92612927005099010014372898

I did receive the email below on Thursday, but I have not hear anything since and the tracking has not changed.

Don’t worry, we’ve submitted information for the courier to investigate. I will get back to you once they reply. If the package is confirmed to be lost, we will resend a new one for you.
Best regards!
LivingAI Team

It can take a while, shipping companies aren’t very fast.
Is that really your order number? Mine is like #18xxx.

No, I recognize that format. That’s a US Postal Service tracking number.

Aha, I was a bit curious because with that order number she would wait for her EMO some millions years. :wink:

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@janetv ,
I noticed Pitney Bowes is listed as a shipping partner on your package. Pitney Bowes is absolutely abysmal as a shipping company! I was recently waiting for a book I bought from England on eBay. The seller shipped it using the eBay global shipping service (which is a joke for several reasons such as they repackage already well-packed items in very poor packing materials before forwarding them on). Anyway my package got into the USA in just a couple days, but then it took about another month before I actually received it! The last 2 weeks the tracking never updated and the last physical location they gave for it was a city that I could’ve driven to in less than 4 hours. And in the end yes it was actually delivered by the US Postal Service, so I don’t know what exactly PB’s involvement even was?

Thanks for your patience. We are now checking with the courier company, and we will solve the problem immediately. Don’t worry, your package will reach you.


Due to the global pandemic, many packages have been delayed. Our customer service team has emailed you a solution. Please check your email.