Who is Living.Ai?

I’ve video conferenced with at least one person from Living AI and can verify he is a real person. From my time chatting with him, I can verify that he sure appears to be a real human just like you and I.
However we need to understand and accept that not everyone has english as a first language. As a result the way you and I read things and respond is different to the way a non english person would. The Living AI team are chinese, therefore it’s reasonable to understand that maybe their spoken english is not as good as they would like.
I know from my time chatting with Wayne we had to several times go back n forth to understand things. I can also say that from what I’ve heard from him, they do have a vision beyond what we see now which is awesome.
I believe they are working on their public facing communications and understand they’ve recently hired additional staff to handle the load so they can better communicate.